How long does it take from hepatitis to liver cancer? Doctor’s advice: tertiary prevention makes liver safe

“My uncle was found out last week that liver cancer is in the early stage, but we are still worried. The doctor said that we should treat it as soon as possible, otherwise it is easy to develop into advanced stage. All said that the immortals in the late stage can’t cure it. So, how long does it take for liver cancer from the early stage to the late stage?”

data show that there are 854000 new cases of liver cancer in the world every year, and China accounts for 55%, 422000 cases in China. At the same time, China is also the country with the largest number of liver cancer deaths, accounting for 45% to 50% of the world’s liver cancer deaths, 422000 cases.

it generally takes about 20 years for chronic hepatitis to develop into liver cirrhosis, and some liver cirrhosis will become liver cancer in 10-20 years. There are many patients with liver cancer in our country now, which is related to hepatitis patients 30 years ago. In the second national seroepidemiological survey of viral hepatitis in 1992, the carrying rate of hepatitis B in our country is 9.75%. One out of about 10 people is a carrier of hepatitis B virus. Some of these people become liver cirrhosis, and some of them become liver cancer. The probability is about 1% The number of liver cancer is very large.

at present, patients with early liver cancer can be cured by surgery, and the prognosis is good. The 5-year survival rate is 40% to 70%, but the recurrence rate is also very high. The 5-year recurrence rate after surgery is 40% to 70%, and the survival time of patients with advanced liver cancer is generally only half a year to one and a half years.

in general, this kind of operation is to completely remove part of the liver with tumor, and reserve enough liver tissue to maintain the normal liver function. Before the operation, a comprehensive evaluation must be carried out. Only patients with liver cancer who meet the standard can have hepatectomy, and there are certain operative mortality and complications. The overall 5-year survival rate was 40% and 90% for very early HCC.

for patients who can not accept surgery, local ablation may be used to achieve radical cure, with less trauma and exact curative effect. The common methods include radiofrequency and cryotherapy, and the paths include laparoscopy, laparotomy and percutaneous. But the disadvantage is that it may not be effective, and many patients are not suitable for this way.

this is one of the radical treatment methods for liver cancer. It must be evaluated before operation, and there are certain mortality and complications. Moreover, the liver source in China is very tight, so it needs to wait for a long time, and some patients do not wait until they die.

if the liver cancer is limited to the liver, without obvious metastasis, and is not suitable for surgery, or recurrence after surgery, radiotherapy can be considered, but the patient is required to have no severe liver cirrhosis and no functional failure of other organs.

liver cancer is also divided into different types. Different types of liver cancer will show different symptoms, and the degree of damage to the body is also different. If it is primary liver cancer, after active treatment, the survival period of patients may reach more than 20 years.

for liver cancer, early detection and early treatment are the key points. Early liver cancer can be cured, and its survival period can be the same as that of ordinary people. The treatment of advanced liver cancer is relatively more difficult, but after active treatment, it can improve the quality of life and prolong the survival period.

if the patient is healthy and has strong immunity, and can recover symptoms quickly after surgery and chemotherapy, the treatment effect will be better, and the survival period will be longer. If the patient is in poor health and has some diseases, the life span may be shorter.

some patients have been in a state of anxiety after learning that they have liver cancer. With the passage of time, they will confuse the endocrine, reduce the immunity, increase the growth rate of cancer cells, and shorten the survival period. Therefore, it is very important to have a good attitude to face liver cancer.

in the advanced stage of liver cancer, there is no cure at all. Generally, targeted drugs are used to prolong the survival time of patients with advanced liver cancer. In July this year, China approved the launch of the PD-1 drug “karilizumab” for advanced liver cancer. Clinical data showed that the tumor remission rate was 14.7%, and the control rate was 44.2%. The 6-month survival rate of patients with advanced liver cancer was 74.4%, and the one-year survival rate was 55.9%. Compared with the past survival cycle of advanced liver cancer, it is true It is obviously prolonged.

the purpose of etiological prevention is to prevent the occurrence of cancer, take preventive measures according to various specific carcinogenic factors and pathogenic conditions, and strengthen environmental protection, proper diet, proper exercise, etc.

its purpose is to prevent the deterioration of the disease, prevent disability, choose the right program, put out cancer as soon as possible, restore function and promote rehabilitation, improve the quality of life, prolong the survival period and even return to society.

for a long time, we all know that hepatitis B is the basis of liver cancer, but in recent years, fatty hepatitis in western countries has become a major risk factor for liver cancer. Therefore, what we need to do is not only to prevent hepatitis B and inject hepatitis B vaccine, but also to carry out reasonable diet and exercise to prevent fatty hepatitis.

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