How many cigarettes can the human body bear in a day? I hope you don’t cross the line about this number

Don’t think that your own smoking will not harm other people’s second-hand smoke, which will cause more serious harm to others. Compared with mainstream smoke inhaled by smokers, secondhand smoke sometimes causes more harm to the body, including increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and increasing the risk of cancer in adults, Respiratory diseases aggravate asthma, induce pneumonia, otitis media and other problems in children. According to the relevant research,

even if one cigarette a day increases the incidence rate of cardiovascular disease, the best way to reduce the injury is to quit smoking. < p > < p > smoking 5 cigarettes a day can not only reduce vital capacity and accelerate the decline of lung function, but also lead to abnormal lung structure. Lung injury can be large for 10 years, which is more likely to increase the risk of physical disease. < / P > < p > it is very difficult for old smokers to quit smoking. Smoking one cigarette a day has caused great harm to the body. If there are more than 5 cigarettes, the hazard index will gradually increase. < / P > < p > it is recommended that you should avoid smoking. Even if you are addicted to smoking, you should not smoke more than 5 cigarettes a day to avoid damage to your health. I hope you will not cross the line. < p > < p > if you smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, your lungs will gradually turn black and dirty in about three years, and some people will turn black after 1-2 years, which is mainly related to personal constitution and smoking quantity. < / P > < p > long term smokers with lung damage will be accompanied by severe cough, constipation will also aggravate, at this time is more likely to increase the risk of physical disease, so it is important to keep the lung clean. However, it is not like the stomach and intestines. No matter what the liver is, it will not easily “groan and complain”. Therefore, many people’s neglect, despise, take the disease improper disease to become the “roadblock” of liver disease treatment. < p > < p > nicotine and alcohol, the metabolite of alcohol, are extremely harmful to the liver. The harm of smoking is that the smoke produced by tobacco contains thousands of harmful substances. After inhaled into the human body, it can damage various internal organs, including liver, which is one of the main risk factors leading to diseases and cancer. So people with liver disease should stop smoking and drinking completely. The lung governs respiration, and the liver stores blood. Both liver and lung are essential and powerful organs of the human body. If they are not well nourished, they are vulnerable to virus attack. Daily health education often drinks two kinds of tea: < / P > < p > smokers can drink more tea, especially the tea that can clear the lung, because the tea contains rich vitamins, caffeine and tea polyphenols, which can stimulate the spirit Through the center, it has the effect of refreshing and calming. When a smoker is addicted, he can drink a cup of tea to refresh his mind. < p > < p > in fact, the ancients had a very efficient method of conditioning the lung for a long time. For example, since Li Shizhen, there is a famous Luohan Qingfei tea. As long as you add these in the boiling water, you can achieve the effect of nourishing the lung. < p > < p > Siraitia grosvenorii: Siraitia grosvenorii has sweet taste and cool nature. It belongs to the lung and large intestine meridians. It has the effects of moistening the lung and relieving cough, promoting fluid production and relieving thirst, moistening the intestine and relieving constipation. It is suitable for cough due to lung heat or lung dryness, pertussis, thirst caused by summer heat, and constipation due to blood dryness. < p > < p > loquat leaf: loquat leaf is a medicine for soothing stomach qi, moistening heart and lung, nourishing liver and kidney. Shen kongting said: it is mainly used to vomit and regurgitate the stomach and not only spit food, but also soothe the stomach qi; or the Qi reverses the phlegm stagnation and coughs to get rid of the tranquility and calmness, moistens the lung qi. < / P > < p > dandelion: it is recorded that dandelion has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, sweet and cold, entering the liver and stomach meridian, clearing away heat and detoxification, eliminating carbuncle and dispersing mass, promoting dampness and relieving pain. < / P > < p > these three kinds of collocations work very well together. At the same time, it’s better to match some food materials for moistening the lung and resolving phlegm, such as chrysanthemum, pangdahai, etc., to break through the conventional therapy of single mouth. At the same time of nourishing lung and expelling toxin, it has the effect of clearing throat and promoting lung, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, generating fluid and relieving thirst. < / P > < p > honeysuckle: if you belong to the people with strong liver fire, you can eat a little honeysuckle to get rid of the liver fire. Taoist doctors believe that: Honeysuckle can clear away heat and detoxify, can help us to suppress liver fire and relieve liver pressure. < / P > < p > it is suggested that the habit of drinking tea should be formed from the first day of quitting smoking, which can not only relieve the addiction to smoking, but also relieve the withdrawal symptoms, such as dry mouth, thirst and cough. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!