How many lobes do you have? Lung cancer surgical resection of lung lobe, what is the impact on the body? The doctor gave the answer

As the saying goes, the lung is an important respiratory organ in the human body. The health of the lung is closely related to breathing. In recent years, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer are increasing. For many lung cancer patients, before lung cancer surgery may want to know, lung cancer surgery to remove the lung lobe, what impact on the body in the end? Can you still live a normal life after operation? Will breathing be affected? Next, the doctor will give you a detailed introduction.

first of all, we need to know how many lobes a person has? The lung is in the chest. There are left lung and right lung. The left lung and right lung are not completely symmetrical. There are two upper and lower lobes on the left lung, and three upper, middle and lower lobes on the right lung. There are five lobes in total. In fact, it can be more carefully divided into left lung, right lung and lung segment.

frankly speaking, the removal of a lung lobe usually has no effect on the body. If the lesion only appears in a single lobe, and the others are normal, it is recommended to use less segmental resection. On the contrary, if the resected lung has been involved in other lobes on the same side, multiple segments or lobectomy can be performed.

of course, there is no effect in general, which does not mean that there is no effect at all. After lung cancer surgery, the impact on the patient’s body is related to the patient’s own age, whether the lung work has been sick in the past and other factors. For example, for elderly patients with lung cancer, who have previously suffered from heart disease, may affect their daily life after surgery, resulting in some discomfort symptoms.

after all, lobes have an impact on lung function. Lung function will be affected if lung cancer is resected. Some patients may suffer from shortness of breath and chest tightness after surgery.

However, the doctors also told us that although the lung can not regenerate, its compensation ability is still good. After half a year of lung cancer surgery, it can slowly recover. The recovery speed is related to the specific resection site and the daily care of patients. Doctors suggest that patients with lung cancer should pay attention to the following daily nursing work after operation to promote the recovery of lung function:

regular reexamination is required. It is not only necessary to remove the lesion once and for all. Cancer may also recur, especially in the year after surgery. Regular follow-up review to understand the recovery of the body is also a kind of monitoring, if there are signs of recurrence, we can take timely measures to strangle it in the cradle.

the second is to pay attention to the adjustment of daily diet. After surgery, the patient’s body is generally weak. At this time, we need to supplement nutrition, but we should not blindly take supplement. We can start from semi liquid food. We should not only think about tonifying the body, but also give the patients fat food such as big bone soup and big fish and meat.

we should also exercise properly, which can exercise respiratory function and promote blood circulation. Blowing balloons and singing are two more appropriate ways. Patients can try it, which is good for the recovery of lung function.

in addition, patients should also maintain a good attitude. If they get cancer, their psychology will certainly have great changes and will be very fragile. They should not think about how to recover after surgery. Their families should also encourage patients and help them recover together. Their daily work and rest should be regular, do not stay up late, and family members should not smoke, so as to avoid causing discomfort to patients.

to sum up, a person has 5 lobes in total. Resection of one or two lobes of lung cancer surgery will not bring too much impact on the body, but it is also necessary to consider the patient’s own physical condition. Doctors suggest that the above nursing work should be done well after operation, which is conducive to promoting the recovery of lung function. HEALTHY LIFE