How many of the 4 wrong fitness habits do you have? If you do this again, you should be careful

Now fitness is too hot, everyone wants to lose weight and get thinner, but the question is, even if you make the same effort, why do you keep still when others lose weight? < / P > < p > similarly, keep your mouth shut and keep your legs open. Some habits seem healthy, but in fact, they are the culprits that destroy your weight loss achievements. Do you think the following four healthy fitness habits, to see if you have been shot? < / P > < p > when it comes to weight loss and exercise, the first thing most people think of is running. Because the operation is relatively simple, the requirements of the venue is not high, put on a pair of running shoes, you can run at any time, there are many people around by running this way of sports become thin. < / P > < p > but we need to remind you not to force yourself to run, especially to maintain at least one hour of long-distance running. Although this requirement can consume a lot of calories, you should know that not everyone is suitable for running. There are always people who don’t like running. Maybe it’s their body structure, maybe their personal preference, and other reasons, which will affect people’s feeling of running 。 < / P > < p > in addition, the body is an amazing machine, it will adapt to new sports in a period of time. Unless you step faster or longer every time you practice, the calorie consumption of running will gradually decrease as the number of training increases. < / P > < p > running is not the only aerobic exercise in the world, such as cycling, swimming, or playing basketball, football, or even boxing. Just choose the sport you like. < / P > < p > if you have a lot of time and energy in the gym, as long as you can stick to it in the right way, no matter what training you do, it will have an effect. After all, time and determination are also the key factors for success in weight loss. < / P > < p > but for most ordinary people, when they are busy with work every day and have to spend time with their families and raise children, they don’t have enough time. If you are like this, I hope you can abandon the separation of strength training and aerobic exercise, because the combination of the two is more efficient. < / P > < p > why? We generally recommend the combination of strength training and aerobic exercise, and do strength training first, and then do aerobic exercise. This is because when we do strength training first, the body mainly consumes glycogen reserves, and then do aerobic exercise, which is equivalent to taking a shortcut, and the efficiency of fat burning will naturally improve. < / P > < p > so, if you want to reduce fat line time, do anaerobic. Of course, you can also choose your own exercise ability, strength cycle training and high-intensity interval training. < / P > < p > is there anything more enjoyable than eating? Obviously not. But in order to lose weight, after making up their mind to lose weight, many people will completely give up their favorite food, which is a huge contrast with their original eating habits. Every day’s food becomes boiled vegetables, broccoli and salad without oil and salt. < / P > < p > in fact, this kind of behavior is not conducive to weight loss, and it is unhealthy both physically and mentally. This is because excessive abstinence will make you depressed. There is no middle transition in your eating habits. It is easy to lead to overeating because you can’t control it. When your willpower is weak, you will break the abstinence and eat and drink crazily. < / P > < p > it’s healthy to set a limit for the food you like. For example, under the premise of controlling the calories, you can eat hamburgers or cheat meals every week. < / P > < p > or, once every two weeks, you can allow yourself to have dinner with your friends and eat the food you like. This can become the outlet of the pressure when you lose weight and keep fit, and make your weight loss plan work well. < / P > < p > fat friends who have just started to lose weight, when they go to the gym and face all kinds of equipment, they are unavoidably a little strange, including how to carry out the fitness plan, so they think that all actions need to be done in 3 groups * 12, which is the golden proportion of training. < / P > < p > there’s nothing wrong with this in itself. It’s just that jianniu hopes you can feel more about your body when you are doing exercises. If you are in a good state and feel good about your exertion, you might as well do two more groups to lift the weight to stimulate your muscle potential. < / P > < p > in fact, fitness should be a flexible exercise, so there is no universal training method. Everyone’s physical condition is not good, the most important thing is to feel the body, remember to adjust the training method regularly. 08/16/2020