How many push ups are qualified for a man? Reminder: this number is not enough for many men

If male friends have strong muscles, they will add a lot of points to their charm. Now the concept of healthy exercise is almost a household name. Although many male friends are busy with work every day, they will spare more than ten minutes for push ups when they go home. Push up is actually a very test of physical coordination and strength of the movement, everyone’s physical condition is not the same, can complete the push up value is also different. < / P > < p > in the mind of the fitness party, not reaching 100 goals every day is equivalent to doing nothing. But most of the men in life are ordinary people, not too much time in the gym, line as a standard difficulty. Push up is a technical work. Some people say that they can do 200 in 10 minutes. In fact, they are joking at first sight, and their actions are not in place at all. < / P > < p > before push ups, it is suggested to walk properly and do a simple warm-up exercise. Then slowly open the distance between the body, keep the back of the head, waist, elbow and other parts in the same horizontal line. The activity of stretching the body under the flat turntable can promote the activation of cardiopulmonary capacity and play the role of push ups. Force should also rely on the strength of the whole body, not just on the hips and waist, non-standard movement is no training effect. < / P > < p > if you really want to say how many are qualified, the answer is 40. For men of different ages, adjust according to their own situation. Before the age of 40, if you can insist on reaching the state of 40 push ups every day, you will be in good health. This number may seem small, but the number of men who can really do it is small. If the body’s immunity is poor, you might as well try push ups, a simple and quick exercise. < / P > < p > after the age of 40, you can walk on the healthy turning road. If you can complete more than 20 times a day, you will be qualified. If we can still maintain 40 standards, the problems of the body’s immune system and heart and lung are relatively small, and the body is not easy to get sick. And some zero based middle-aged and old friends don’t do push ups on the spur of the moment, if the state is not good, it may cause accidents. < / P > < p > in modern society, men also have certain psychological pressure for aging, and everyone hopes that they can maintain young physical strength for a long time. People who exercise regularly will be more energetic among their peers. If you can stick to push ups, you also have a chance to delay aging. Push up exercise in the ups and downs of the body, driving the heart of hematopoiesis, fresh blood can promote metabolism, the speed of aging naturally slowed down. < / P > < p > studies show that male friends have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, so prevention should be done in life. If you insist on a little strength of push up training, blood circulation will bring protection to blood vessels, improve toughness, the body can also reduce the risk of illness. Push ups promote the rapid excretion of toxins in the blood, but I’m afraid we can’t stick to this sport. < / P > < p > to sum up, push ups have many benefits for men, which can delay aging and promote vascular toughness at the same time. Male push ups qualified number has also told you, might as well try to see if they can meet the standard. 20