How many times a day is the most suitable? Doctors remind: compared with frequency, it is healthy to meet these points

Pay attention to health care friends, generally on the body of any symptoms will be concerned, including diet, defecation and other aspects. Although defecation is not good for human body food residue, but also can take away a small amount of body metabolic waste. And through the shape and regularity of stool, we can also preliminarily judge whether the intestinal tract is healthy or not.

from a certain point of view, defecation and eating are both innate functions of human beings. But at the same time, three meals a day, some people will not have a day of stool discharge!

from a scientific point of view, defecation once a day is a cognitive misconception. Once a day is the ideal state of defecation, but this does not represent the most healthy! After all, everyone’s physical fitness, diet, life and other aspects are not the same, so defecation frequency differences, also belongs to the normal situation!

in fact, the frequency of real “healthy” defecation is not the key. The key is the state of excretion of stool, which includes its character, color, smell, etc! As long as the defecation process is very smooth, the stool presents moderate hardness and shape. It is normal for adults to defecate three times a day or three times a week.

However, if you defecate more than three times a day, and the stool is not shaped or even watery, this is a typical manifestation of diarrhea, which requires medical treatment.

in addition, the clinical definition of defecation is that defecation is less than 2 times in a week, and the defecation process is very laborious, with dry stool and less amount of stool. Therefore, if your stool has been normal, and the discharge process is quite smooth, three or more times a week, this is the embodiment of intestinal health!

and there is no standard answer as to whether the stool is normal within a few minutes. When the convenience is urgent, the problem may be solved in a short time of 1 minute. If the convenience is not urgent, it will be normal in about 3 minutes. However, if there is constipation, the stool time will be extended, even more than 10 minutes can not solve the problem!

the reason why the color of stool is not mentioned above is that the color of stool can be affected by many factors. In the normal eating, did not eat a lot of food pigment, stool is mainly yellow brown, golden yellow and so on. If you eat food containing pigment and iron, the color will change. For example, red heart pitaya will lead to red stool, animal blood will lead to black stool. However, this kind of symptom does not last long, in stops eating this kind of food a few days later, the stool will return to normal!

in addition, there is no specific clinical answer on the best time for defecation. There is no sufficient experimental data to explain what is good for defecation in the morning and before going to bed. For adults, as long as the stool is regular, it will come naturally at a certain time. Whether it is morning, noon or evening, it is the best time to defecate, and there is no absolute rigid requirement. Focus