How many times should pregnant period do B ultrasonic? Seven tests are very important. Don’t be careless

After pregnancy, generally speaking, pregnant mothers will become very anxious, worrying about whether the fetus will have problems every day, and whether the development is healthy or not. But in fact, as long as the prenatal examination is on time, there is generally no big problem, because once the fetus is found to have problems, the doctor will communicate with you in time, and there will be no other situation. < / P > < p > about seven or eight times of color Doppler ultrasound should be done during pregnancy, but it is not sure, because each person’s situation is different, it is still necessary to decide when to do color Doppler ultrasound according to their own conditions. < p > < p > early pregnancy examination: in 40-50 days of pregnancy, it is necessary to do color Doppler ultrasound to clear the intrauterine and extrauterine pregnancy, and exclude the situation of ectopic pregnancy. This is a very important examination, especially for the early pregnancy, we should confirm the intrauterine pregnancy first, then we can continue to observe the subsequent growth and development of the fetus. < / P > < p > NT examination: when pregnant 11-13 weeks and 6 days, it is necessary to check whether the thickness of fetal cervical hyaline layer is normal, the normal range is within 3mm, but generally more than 2.5mm, the doctor will prompt the high value of NT, and it is recommended to carry out fetal chromosome examination to make a clear diagnosis, mainly to exclude the risk of Down’s children. This examination is very necessary, but it must be carried out in Once the number of cycles is exceeded, the measured value will be inaccurate. < / P > < p > chromosomal examination: in 16-18 weeks, we need to do color Doppler ultrasound to check the gestational age, because only in a certain number of weeks can we do Tang screening or non-invasive DNA examination. When doing the examination, we need to use the value of fetal biparietal diameter. If it exceeds a certain range, it is not allowed to do the examination. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose noninvasive DNA directly when the age is over 35, because of the false positive of Tang screening High rate, easy to cause panic. < / P > < p > large array deformity examination: 22-24 weeks is a very important examination stage of the whole pregnancy, at this time, it is also necessary to do four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examination, mainly used to screen fetal malformations, such as cleft lip and palate, widened eye distance, short limbs and heart valve defects, etc., which can be screened out. It is a very important examination, and pregnant mothers must not miss it. < / P > < p > small row deformity: the fetus is a process of continuous development and improvement. No abnormality is found in the process of large row malformation, which does not mean that there is no small row malformation. Because the fetus is a progressive development process, the fetal malformation can not be detected within a certain number of weeks, which is why we need to do two four-dimensional screening. < / P > < p > late pregnancy color Doppler ultrasound: after passing the previous examination, we still need to do color Doppler ultrasound at 36 weeks, mainly to check whether the fetal position is normal, amniotic fluid, placental maturity and umbilical cord around the neck, to see whether the fetal development is normal. < / P > < p > in fact, this is not all the times of color Doppler ultrasound examination, but only a few tests we have to do, because some people may do three or four times of color Doppler ultrasound in early pregnancy to see fetal heart rate and embryo bud, so this is not specific. What we want is fetal health, and we do not do it several times according to the process. This is not correct. < / P > < p > at the same time, we also need to do color Doppler ultrasound again before admission to assess the fetal condition, check whether the amniotic fluid, placenta and other conditions meet the standards of labor, which need to be reexamined. < / P > < p > in short, there are a lot of times to do color Doppler ultrasound during the whole pregnancy, which is not limited to one or two times. As long as the fetal development is healthy, it is worth doing as many times as possible. < / P > < p > – I am a small skin nursery Sutra, a nursery teacher, a working mother, and a code word for bringing a baby. I am a high-quality original author of multi platform, and a fan of pregnancy, child care and children’s psychological research= target=_ blank>Focus