How many years does a person live? 80 or 90? In fact, to this age, even if happy

With the continuous improvement of living standards, we also began to pay attention to health care work gradually! Even a survey data shows that the post-90s have become the main consumer force of various nutritional and health care products!

and the news about the elderly being cheated by illegal health care products has been reported repeatedly. It is precisely because people have a common feature: fear of death! The more you get to a certain age, the more afraid of death!

according to the data released by the National Construction Commission, the average life expectancy of China’s population has made a qualitative leap compared with the early days of the people’s Republic of China, and the overall average age is about 76 years old. This is not to say that everyone can actually live to 76, but to take the current mortality rate as the basis and calculate the age at which you can live after birth if you don’t have an accident!

this is also the side description. If a person can live to over 76 years old, it is already counted as a long-lived group! I think you will be full of disappointment when you see this data. After all, in our opinion, only 100 years old is really satisfactory.

However, the body does not always maintain a young state. When it starts to develop from the young and middle-aged to the middle-aged and the elderly, the aging symptoms will gradually appear, such as fine lines in the corners of the eyes, white hair, physical decline, etc., which are all surface aging symptoms. And when the body surface shows signs of aging, the organs in the body are actually gradually aging, which is a process from the inside to the outside!

if you have all kinds of bad living and eating habits, after the middle-aged and old people, not only will the function of various organs of the body gradually decline, but even chronic diseases will start to find themselves, such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc., which are more common in our country. However, if we suffer from such diseases for a long time, but we haven’t carried out scientific treatment, we may also cause more serious heart and brain blood in the later stage

when serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases occur, not only will life be in danger, but also life can be saved through rescue. The quality of life in the later stage will be greatly reduced. Take the high incidence of “cerebral infarction” in middle-aged and elderly people for example. In severe cases, cerebral infarction may recur again after treatment. At the same time, the patient’s brain tissue will also be seriously injured, which may lead to the loss of language ability, mouth deviation, eye deviation, and even hemiplegia.

once you can’t take care of yourself, you need to take care of your family before you can eat and wash. What’s the significance of such a life without dignity, suffering from disease and implicating family members, even if it’s a long life?

to say the least, even if you can live to 100 years old healthily, or even live longer. But the relatives, friends, and even children may take a step forward in the years and live alone in the world. What is the significance of this long life?

However, longevity can only exist if it is based on health. If the body suffers from pain repeatedly, it is like a disease like cancer. Even if it can be maintained alive with drugs, it will suffer from cancer pain every day and spend a huge amount of money on treatment. You can’t help but wonder: which is the liberation between life and death?

therefore, the pursuit of longevity is not a good thing and a good idea. Only by building a long life on the basis of health, can it really be meaningful! Moreover, longevity does not mean living to the age of 100. As long as you have a healthy life in your later years and there is no repeated pain and suffering, over 76 years old is already a long life. Focus