How much does metformin have to eat a day? If you want a good hypoglycemic effect, don’t miss the golden time

It is found that the blood sugar is obviously increased, so we should reduce the blood sugar by reasonable way. Many people will use hypoglycemic drugs to play a good hypoglycemic effect, but before medication, we should know the specific medication method. If the medication is not correct, it is also risky to use hypoglycemic drugs indiscriminately, which is easy to lead to unstable condition, and the drug may also bring physical injury. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking medicine. So, how much dose of metformin do you take a day? As a common hypoglycemic drug, metformin should be taken every day for advice. For most of the patients with diabetes, the dosage of the drug is about 0.5g, twice a day, which is equivalent to 1g of metformin in a day. If it can play a good hypoglycemic effect, there is no need to increase the dose. < / P > < p > of course, not everyone’s dose is like this. If the patient’s condition is serious and there is drug resistance after a long time of medication, it may be necessary to increase the dose. The doctor’s advice should be consulted, and the dosage should not be increased blindly to avoid side effects. < / P > < p > although many people take metformin to control their blood sugar, they don’t know when to take the most appropriate drug. Metformin also needs to be taken at an appropriate time to play a good hypoglycemic effect. Before taking metformin, comprehensive judgment should be made according to the specific type. The action time of common metformin is shorter. It can be taken in three meals. After three meals of food intake, ordinary metformin can avoid the damage of digestive system function under fasting state. < / P > < p > If metformin enteric coated tablets are used, this type of drug can safely pass through the human stomach, dissolve in the intestinal tract and release the drug to achieve the effect of controlling blood glucose. This drug does not need to worry about causing damage to the stomach. It can be used before meals and has a good hypoglycemic effect after entering the intestinal tract. It is not easy to rapidly raise blood glucose after eating food. Therefore, metformin enteric coated tablets can also be taken on an empty stomach. < / P > < p > some people use sustained-release tablets, the action cycle is longer, once a day can be taken, and do not need a fixed time, metformin sustained-release tablets can be used at any time. < / P > < p > the use of metformin as a hypoglycemic drug needs to be clear, because the correct use of drugs is the key to ensure the stability of blood glucose. Many people’s medication method is unreasonable, during the medication found that blood sugar decreased, stop medication, maybe diabetes will continue to develop. < / P > < p > in addition, the increase of blood glucose can not blindly increase the dosage, so the doctor should be consulted whether to adjust the medication. Otherwise, taking excessive doses of drugs or blindly matching with other drugs to control blood sugar may aggravate the condition, worsen diabetes, and some complications may occur. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!