How much does the baby know about the 5 major manifestations of autumn dryness? 4 diet life care tips, let the baby comfortable autumn!

Recently, Xiaomei’s mother found that her 1-year-old child’s skin is very dry, and the child has not defecate for several days! In the face of the child’s small abnormalities, Xiaomei thought it was the change of season that caused the fever. After consulting the pediatrician, she would know that the child was caused by autumn dryness.

after a hot summer, we finally ushered in the early autumn! I thought it would be easier to take baby, but this season, it is easy for baby to be watched by “autumn dryness”!

in early autumn, if parents don’t give their babies proper protection, they will be easily attacked by autumn dryness. If parents want to take good care of the baby’s body, they must know how to distinguish and prevent the baby’s autumn dryness.

please don’t underestimate autumn dryness. If parents don’t take care of their children in time, it is very likely that they will also have children. Here are some small methods for parents to prevent and identify autumn dryness, hoping to help you.

for younger babies, there is a lot of moisture in their bodies. In principle, their skin should be very elastic and tender. However, if parents suddenly find that their children’s skin is slowly becoming dry and happens to happen in early autumn, it is likely that the baby is dry in autumn.

in fact, the baby’s autumn dryness is easy to cause skin chapping, desquamation and peeling. Parents should pay attention to the children’s skin at ordinary times, and take care of the children once they are found.

one of the main characteristics of autumn dryness is getting on fire. The first step reflected in the baby may be that the baby will suddenly be very thirsty and want to drink water very much. This is because the baby’s saliva is too dry, so their oral saliva secretion is also reduced. Baby’s saliva is a very effective means to prevent germs. If saliva is reduced, it will easily cause baby’s oral sensation Dye, such as laryngopharyngitis and oral ulcer.

not only is it so inflamed, it can also be manifested as angular inflammation of the baby’s mouth. For example, the corner of the baby’s mouth is blistered and cracked, which not only affects the baby’s beauty, but also makes the baby feel pain.

some babies will show sore throat and hoarse voice. Sore throat is caused by dry throat, which is also a common manifestation of autumn dryness! Older children with sore throat will not like to talk, swelling and hoarseness. A baby with a sore throat will not like to eat or drink milk.

if the baby is dry in autumn, the whole person is very short of water, so the mucus secreted by the mucous membrane inside the nose will volatilize more quickly. The nasal cavity is very easy to dry. If the nasal cavity loses the protection of mucus, it is particularly easy to be damaged and cause nosebleed.

if parents find that children have one or more of the above performance in early autumn, they need to be highly vigilant! If the child is suspected to be dry in autumn, appropriate nursing measures should be taken in time.

in fact, the baby’s autumn dryness can be avoided. As long as the parents pay attention to the baby’s skin care and supplement sufficient nutrition to the baby, it can greatly reduce the probability of the baby’s autumn dryness. Here are some methods to prevent the baby’s autumn dryness. You can try it.

parents should open windows for ventilation, keep indoor air circulation and keep indoor humidity. Put a humidifier in the room, put a basin of water, dry the towel to increase air humidity.

parents should let their babies eat more vegetables and fruits, especially foods rich in vitamin A. vitamin A has a protective effect on skin epidermis, and the skin is soft, shiny and elastic, so it is called “beauty vitamin”. Such as: animal liver, yellow green vegetables, yellow fruits, carrots, eggs, etc.

shredded carrot soup, rock sugar, orange peel, carrot nutrient water, rice and carrot porridge!

boiled egg, steamed egg, yolk mud, scrambled egg with tomato!

the dry climate is easy to damage the baby’s body fluid. We should pay attention to drink more boiled water to moisten the body, supplement the body fluid shortage, and eat less fried, spicy food or too sweet fruit!

nosebleed is very common in autumn. We should try our best to let the baby eat less food that is easy to get on fire, such as chocolate, greasy food, etc., which will aggravate the dry heat in the baby’s body and dry nasal mucosa, which may easily lead to nosebleed and laryngitis. Parents can often use a small cotton swab dipped in baby oil or moisturizer to gently wipe the front of the baby’s nasal cavity to prevent epistaxis!

water chestnut has the effect of clearing away heat and eliminating dryness, cooling blood and dispelling dryness, which can help the baby dispel the dryness in autumn. Lotus root has a high nutritional value, can reduce body temperature and dry. It’s a great food therapy for babies.

recommended Recipes: water chestnut and jellyfish soup, water chestnut fruit soup, vegetable stewed three white; lotus root nutrient water, lotus root Lily soup.

in autumn, because the temperature is relatively dry, the baby’s body is often in a state of water shortage. Of course, drinking water is very important, but parents should not forget to supplement their children with enough vegetables and fruits.

baby is suitable to eat more carrot, pomegranate, bean curd, tremella, pear, lotus root, banana and other foods that can moisten the lung and promote fluid production, nourish yin and clear dryness.

Lily and Tremella fuciformis porridge, tremella duck egg rock sugar soup; lily lotus seed porridge, lily white fruit fried shrimp meat;

the alternation of seasons is easy to make the baby’s body lack of water. Give the baby more food to prevent dryness and nourish yin, which can supplement the lack of water in the body, So as to achieve the effect of moistening the intestines and defecation

parents let the baby drink more water, eat more vegetables, coarse grains and other foods containing a lot of cellulose, reduce meat intake, balance diet, promote intestinal peristalsis, and achieve the purpose of defecation.

grains: sweet potato, brown rice, pumpkin and other vegetables: lentils, kidney beans, peas, broccoli, carrots, spinach, etc. Fruit: plum, avocado, pear, pitaya, apple with skin, etc. Recommended Recipes: pea paste, plum juice, purple potato double rice Tremella porridge, yogurt sweet potato cheese ball!

autumn is coming soon. I hope this article can arouse the attention of parents and take some preventive measures to keep the baby away from the dryness in autumn and keep healthy.

as long as parents pay more attention to their children’s diet and living habits, they can effectively keep their children away from autumn dryness. Do a good job of comprehensive protective measures for the baby, so that the baby can also have a peaceful autumn! < A=“ " target="_ blank" rel="noopener">2