How much harm is sedentary!

If you see a lump of meat that is not “outstanding” in your abdomen, please slap yourself with a slap! < / P > < p > you can feel for yourself whether the core muscles are relaxed and comfortable when sitting? Coco… You’re relaxed, but you’re suffering from your stomach! < / P > < p > because this relaxation will cause abdominal transverse muscle weakness, unable to naturally complete the “belly” action, a little bit of belly meat will collapse. Originally did not have the small belly also to collapse out, asked you to be angry! < / P > < p > because it does not have to bear your weight of 200 kg any more, and the life will not be much more natural and unrestrained! And the consequence of natural and unrestrained is… Because of lack of exercise legs lead to fat accumulation! < / P > < p > and when sitting, it will also compress the blood circulation, just like the water pipe is broken, it is easy to cause leg edema, so that you can quickly become “elephant leg”! Don’t talk! Let me guess. What’s the most you do when you’re sitting? Do you look down on your cell phone or watch your computer? Yes, I installed a camera in your house! < / P > < p > at this time, our hands will always be in front of our body, and our shoulders will naturally pull forward and adduct. If you are lazy and don’t exercise your back muscles, the weak back muscles can’t hold the forward shoulders. < / P > < p > bow your back when you exhale, feel the gentle extension of the spine, and inhale when you collapse, 20 times in each group, 3 groups. The hump can be relieved by stretching the back. 08/16/2020