How much is the difference between transverse section and vertical section of cesarean section? Pregnant mother knows in advance, don’t pit yourself

Cesarean section is also divided into “transverse section” and “vertical section”. There is a big difference between the two. Pregnant mothers should understand in advance and never give themselves a pit of regret, which may be difficult to make up for. < / P > < p > “I thought cesarean section was all transverse section, but my doctor didn’t ask me, so I just default to vertical section. Will it be particularly ugly in the future?” Xu said anxiously. < / P > < p > many Baoma have encountered similar situations. It is clear that now there is a cross cutting technology, which can only leave a short scar hidden in the skin texture. However, many doctors still make their own decisions to cut Baoma vertically. < / P > < p > I comforted and said, “vertical cutting also has the advantages of vertical cutting, which is faster and less likely to cause adhesion and infection. Each cutting method has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are a scar constitution, cross cutting can not cover up the scar < / P > < p > although the last sentence is a little prickly, it is indeed the recovery of the cesarean section mothers. Many of them have “two stomachs” with scar hyperplasia. Their stomachs look like two mountains with a very obvious ditch in the middle. < / P > < p > and the cross cutting Baoma can’t escape the pain of scar hyperplasia, especially the yellow people are easy to accumulate melanin in the scar, and most of the cross cutting scars are obvious. Baoma people should think about it in advance. < / P > < p > the benefits of cross cutting are obvious. The first is that the knife edge is relatively small, and the transverse direction can be fused with the skin. If Baoma recovers well after surgery, the scar is easy to cover up and does not affect the beauty of Baoma. The second advantage of cross cutting is that the postoperative pain is relatively light, mainly because the wound is not easy to be involved when Baoma is sitting and walking, so the pain in the recovery process will be lighter. The disadvantages of crosscutting < / P > < p > compared with the advantages, the disadvantages of crosscutting are obvious. The first thing is that the operation of doctors is too difficult. In the 80 ~ 90’s of last century, when cesarean section was just emerging, almost all of our country were default vertical section. < / P > < p > crosscutting requires higher accuracy of operation such as surgery and anesthesia. Moreover, because the knife edge is relatively small, doctors can see very narrow visual range after operation, which requires sufficient technology to implement. The second drawback is that the recovery of crosscutting is relatively slow, and the probability of adhesion and infection is higher. Moreover, Baoma, who plans to have three or four children, does not recommend crosscutting. Benefits of vertical cutting < / P > < p > vertical cutting needs to be cut from the bottom of Baoma’s navel to the pubic symphysis, and the cutting edge is relatively long. The doctor’s vision range is larger, the operation is less difficult, and the safety for the baby is also higher. < / P > < p > although the texture of the belly is horizontal, the texture of the muscle is longitudinal, and the vertical cut is consistent with the muscle texture, so the recovery speed is faster. < / P > < p > compared with cross cutting, vertical cutting is easy to be pulled in the recovery period after operation because of its longer cutting edge and vertical direction. Therefore, the postoperative pain will be more obvious, belonging to the “short pain” type: quick recovery, but strong pain. < / P > < p > the most difficult problem for Baoma to accept is the effect of vertical cutting on the appearance. Once the vertical incision scar hyperplasia, it will be very obvious, like the stomach is “split”, very bad appearance. < / P > < p > even if there is no scar hyperplasia, the vertical cut Baoma has basically said goodbye to the umbilical cord. A bright scar is the biggest regret of many beauty loving mothers after surgery. < p > < p > many people think that cesarean section is opportunistic. In fact, the pain and helplessness of Baoma in cesarean section is no less than that of Baoma in natural childbirth. Every Baoma is equally great. Pets