How much pain does cancer pain have? Why can cancer ache so hard to endure, how should alleviate?

The terrible cancer, I believe no one is not clear, not only difficult to cure, but also bring a lot of pain to cancer patients. Always hear cancer patients complain, that every time cancer pain, let their own pain.

if you experience cancer pain once, you want to end your life earlier. Most people can’t feel it. They will think it’s a bit exaggerated, and they don’t think that cancer pain can be so serious.

people who have never experienced cancer pain can never understand it. At the same time, they will also ask questions in their hearts, what kind of pain is cancer pain? Why can be so unbearable, how can ability make ache alleviate? Now I’ll talk to you carefully.

compared with giving birth to a child, some people say that giving birth to a child is like walking through the gate of hell, and it is also quite painful. The pain is stronger and stronger than before, and it is not relieved until the child is born.

the pain of giving birth to a child is only one or two days. Some people may have pain for about three days, but it will not last for long. Most of them are in bursts. Cancer pain caused by cancer patients is even more painful than giving birth to children.

the number of times of pain will be more and more, and with the development of the disease, the pain will feel more and more intense, the frequency of attack will be higher and higher, each attack will send out a scream, some people can’t bear the pain, and will have intense behavior.

it needs to be explained that there are many types of cancer, and the cancer pain caused by each kind of cancer will also have some differences. Some people have physical pain, while some people have nerve pain. In short, they can’t relax physically and mentally. How can we avoid suffering.

when some cancer patients experience physical pain, they have to face emotional and psychological pain. The bad psychology of fear and anxiety can easily crush the last straw in their hearts.

in the process of tumor development, tumor will cause compression and invasion to surrounding tissues, organs and nerves, and also cause a series of pain. If cancer cells enter blood vessels or periosteum, they will be transferred to various parts of the body, and the pain will be more intense.

this kind of pain is cancer pain produced in the process of cancer development. If we can detect the abnormality of the body early and treat it early, we may be able to reduce the pain and make the body more relaxed.

of course, there are also some cancer patients who will have cancer pain during treatment. Especially chemotherapy patients, more sensitive to drugs, it is easy to cause nerve pain, if belongs to this kind of pain, need to correct the treatment, use other drugs.

in addition to cancer pain caused by two factors, there is a special case, that is, cancer pain caused by no reason can be found, but don’t worry. If you want to relieve the pain, you can use sedative drugs to relieve the pain.

cancer pain is also divided into three levels: mild, moderate and severe. If it is only slight pain, it is not unbearable, and it has little impact on life.

moderate cancer pain, which is quite different from mild cancer pain, can obviously feel the pain, and it is intolerable, which will cause trouble to sleep. And severe cancer pain patients, pain will be more intense, not only affect sleep, the whole life is troubled, is how feel uncomfortable.

for not serious cancer pain, take some painkillers to relieve it. Moderate and severe cancer pain, if the pain killer can not improve the situation, can only use strong sedative drugs.

we should not only use drugs to relieve pain, but also do well in daily life. The main thing is to regulate psychology. We should try our best to reduce fear and anxiety. Bad emotions are not conducive to the recovery and development of the disease, which will aggravate cancer pain. If we don’t want to bear more pain, we should relax a little. If we are in a good mood, it will be better. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE