How often do you wash your hair? It’s a pity that many people don’t know the three key points of shampoo

Shampoo is a technical activity, through the correct hair washing can keep the hair clean and healthy state, and promote the health of hair. Many people always fall into misunderstanding in the process of washing their hair, and there are unreasonable behaviors. Over time, the function of hair follicle is damaged, and hair nutrients can not be provided in time, and there may be hair shedding, hair dryness and other phenomena.

therefore, we should take reasonable measures to wash our hair. Many people don’t know how often to wash their hair is the healthiest. Let’s learn more about this.

to know how often to wash your hair is the healthiest, it should be decided according to your actual situation, because different hair quality and different hair oil secretion will affect the frequency of hair washing. If the scalp itself is not easy to secrete oil, and the hair is dry and hairy, it is most appropriate to wash the hair once in three days or so. In this way, the oil on the scalp can be avoided to be excessively removed, resulting in dry itching of the scalp and increased dandruff.

those with greasy hair and large amount of oil secretion can decide the frequency of hair washing according to the change of weather. If it is easy to sweat in summer, the hair is always greasy, you can wash it once a day. If it is in the cold autumn and winter season, generally not easy to sweat, two days cleaning hair can be.

if you want to wash your hair correctly, you should also pay attention to the water temperature. When you wash your hair, you should control the water temperature well. First, use your hands to test the temperature. Washing your hair with warm water not only has good cleaning effect, but also can avoid scalp stimulation. Many people wash their hair with hot water with too high temperature, which may easily scald the skin and cause damage to the hair follicle after washing the hair.

often wash your hair with cold water. Cold water is very irritating. If you have this kind of behavior in cold autumn and winter, it is easy to cause cold and moisture to invade your body, and the possibility of headache increases after washing your hair. In addition, vasospasm caused by cold water stimulation is not conducive to the blood supply of the brain. In order to prevent the health from being affected, it is necessary to control the water temperature to wash the hair healthily.

if you want to wash your hair correctly, you should choose the right time. You can’t wash your hair at any time. Just get up in the morning when the temperature is low, do not wash your hair at this time, otherwise the probability of cold is high.

in addition, don’t wash your hair immediately after eating. After food intake, your intestines and stomach are in a busy digestion state, which will provide more blood to your intestines and stomach to maintain normal digestive function. However, many people wash their hair at this time. The blood circulation speed of other parts of the body speeds up, and the amount of blood provided to your intestines and stomach decreases, which is more likely to cause the decline of digestive function. If you want to maintain gastrointestinal health, you should avoid washing your hair immediately after eating.

if you want to wash your hair correctly, you should choose the right shampoo according to your hair quality. There are many types of shampoos. Some shampoos are anti dandruff and anti itching. Some shampoos nourish hair. You should choose the right shampoo according to your hair situation.

shampoo should be cleaned thoroughly after use, so as to avoid foaming or residual shampoo irritation to the scalp, and correct hair washing in this way can also keep hair clean and sanitary. 08/17/2020