How often does hepatitis B reexamine? Remind liver friend, the body appears 3 kinds of abnormal, check in time

However, the liver is also particularly vulnerable to damage, because the liver is a painless organ, the reaction to the human body after damage will be relatively slow, so special attention should be paid.

both Xiaoqiang and Xiaobin are carriers of hepatitis B virus. It can be said that the liver function is not perfect, and special attention should be paid to it. At ordinary times, alcohol and other things can’t be touched.

However, my brother Xiaoqiang is a very down-to-earth person. Since childhood, he has followed the doctor’s advice and will go to the hospital for an examination every three months. Over the years, the examination results are not bad.

after graduation, the two people went their own way, so they had no chance to be together. Xiao bin didn’t pay special attention to hepatitis B. he thought that the results of annual review were the same, and there were so many restrictions.

and I also checked it on the Internet. Hepatitis B is a chronic disease and has nothing to do for decades. Therefore, I developed a habit of going to the hospital for examination only when I think about it.

after that, my younger brother Xiaobin also went to have a check, but the result was liver cirrhosis, liver damage was particularly serious, but he didn’t care about it, which led to such a result.

However, if oral diseases occur, halitosis will be relieved after brushing teeth. If not, it is likely to be caused by abnormal liver.

because after the liver is damaged, the secretion of bile will be affected, and the detoxification ability of the liver will be reduced, and the ammonia, nitrogen and other gases in the body can not be excreted, which is discharged through breathing.

when the liver lesions, it will affect the secretion of bilirubin in the body. When the bilirubin in the blood is too much, it will also affect the urine and deepen the color of the urine.

after a night’s sleep, people should be energetic when they get up in the morning, but if they still feel tired and have no energy, they want to go to bed.

at this time, it is mostly due to liver damage. When the detoxification ability of the liver decreases, it will lead to endocrine disorders in the body, resulting in poor resistance, and people will be particularly weak.

in addition, after liver damage, protein secretion will be affected, and muscle needs amino acids for protein decomposition to repair. If protein is lacking, muscle weakness will also be formed.

in addition, drinking water also has the effect of detoxification, which can excrete excess toxins in the human body through sweat and urine. Water can also promote blood circulation, liver blood sufficient, can promote liver self-healing.

because the liver itself has a very strong compensation ability, as long as there is enough sleep time, the liver can repair part of the damaged hepatocytes.

However, staying up late for a long time will increase the burden on the liver. It will not only fail to repair the liver cells, but also damage the liver, so that the liver will continue to repair, damage, repair and damage, and gradually fibrosis.

especially for the liver, exercise is a good helper, which can not only reduce the incidence of fatty liver, but also promote the liver to detoxify and detoxify.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver governs the dispersion and storage of blood, and nourishes Qi and blood. If the liver blood is insufficient and the liver Qi is stagnant, the liver will gradually become hard and not soft, just like a cracked field in a long drought. Liver qi and blood are in harmony, then the mood is comfortable, sleep safely, skin will be ruddy white, hair is bright and dense. In life, we will see that many people liver disease once found, to the late, is because the liver has no pain nerve, known as the “dumb” organ, pain will not say!

but the liver is not good, the liver fire is big, and the liver qi stagnation will be reminded by some signals, such as poor quality of insomnia, anxiety and irritability, irritability, chloasma on the face, bitter breath and bad breath, often feeling chest tightness, rib distension, etc! We should be good at observation, timely discover the above signals, and protect the liver as soon as possible!

soothing the liver and relieving depression, nourishing the liver with softness and fullness of Qi and blood are the basic principles for nourishing and protecting the liver. If the liver is not good, in addition to developing three good habits, traditional Chinese Medicine recommends the classic formula: Rose Siwu ointment.

Siwu ointment has roses for soothing the liver and regulating qi, bergamot and citron for drying dampness and clearing phlegm, and wolfberry for nourishing liver blood. The combination of soothing and tonifying is a good choice for soothing liver and relieving depression, nourishing liver and protecting liver, promoting blood circulation and promoting Qi. If you insist on drinking, you will have unexpected surprise. Next