How powerful are genes? “Have yourself” is nothing, even black eye can be inherited

The appearance of a newborn depends on its parents. The size of its eyes, the height of its nose and the shape of its body are all related to their parents. Even some distinctive “marks” are inherited.

what characteristics a child will inherit from his parents depends on the “fate” of the child and his parents. Maybe he “accidentally gave birth to himself”. There are examples of this in the entertainment industry.

there are more and more parent-child reality shows, star children appear on the screen one after another, and lucky is also well known. Gu Lingjing surprised netizens: “the gene is too powerful”, “this is a template”, “if not too small, I thought it was Qi Wei”. Not only looks similar, little lucky is lively and cheerful, loves cosmetics, and is very similar to Qi Wei in all aspects. It has to be said that heredity is really magical. She accidentally gave birth to a “small version of herself”.

Mei Ting’s mother and daughter can be said to be the “model” of the perfect interpretation of heredity. Mei Ting is an actress with both strength and beauty. She has created many vivid roles, and the signature “black eye circle” has also left a deep impression on people.

I didn’t expect that this distinctive feature was “perfectly copied” by my daughter. My baby has panda like eyes at a young age. I didn’t expect that even this can be inherited.

People’s skin color is determined from the time they are born. Their children’s skin is white, and their parents must be very white. If their parents are black and white, their children are yellow. In addition, the skin condition of children is also affected by their parents. If their parents have fine skin, their children’s skin will also be fine. If their parents have rough skin, their children’s skin will not be good.

children’s hair quality and quantity have a lot to do with their parents. If their parents have more hair, their children will have a “proud” hair. On the contrary, they will be troubled by “less hair”. Children’s hair quality is also affected by heredity. Some children are naturally curly, and some are born black and straight, which is related to their parents’ hair quality.

for a child with small eyes, both parents must have one with small eyes. This judgment method is applicable to most families. If the family is “small eyes”, no matter how many grapes you eat during pregnancy, it’s useless. The contour of children’s eyes is also related to their parents. If the parents’ eyes are round, the probability of children’s Apricot eyes is relatively high.

children’s figure is influenced by their parents since childhood. Their parents are fat and have a big skeleton. Children have half the probability of inheriting the same figure. Although the big skeleton is born, but “fat” is the day after grow up, so in order to not become a baby “fat family”, parents should reasonably control the weight.

height is greatly affected by parents’ height. If the mother is higher and the father is medium height, the child will not be too short. If both parents are high, the child’s height is relatively prominent, on the contrary, it will not grow high.

the heredity of personality is very magical. It’s sex. For female babies, there is a father’s shadow in their potential personality, while for male babies, there is no specific genetic law. However, with more experiences in the future, the child’s character will change, which may be quite different from that when he was a child. Parents should not make a fuss.

human genetics is still very strong. It is not uncommon for children and parents to look “nearly similar”. Some children do not look very much like their parents, but they are more like the old people in their families when they were young, which may be inherited from other generations. CUISINE&HEALTH