How should pregnant oedema do after all? 8 ways to help you easily “eliminate” it, quickly collect it!

After pregnancy, looking at their body getting fat day by day, the mother to be must feel bad? But even if it is fat, some pregnant mothers will appear edema phenomenon, but for those pregnant mothers who are already fat, how should we distinguish between normal obesity and edema?

in fact, it is very simple: after 28 weeks of pregnancy, as long as you gently press the back of your hand or lower leg with your fingers, if the skin can recover immediately, it will be normal, otherwise it will be edema.

2, endocrine changes: * after pregnancy, the endocrine function of women is changed, which causes the secretion of estrogen and aldosterone, and the retention of water and sodium in the body will cause edema.

3. Hemodilution: increased blood volume during lactation. However, the increase of red blood cells was not as great as that of plasma, but the increase of plasma protein was not much. The blood became thinner, the osmotic pressure of plasma colloid decreased, and the water moved to the tissue space and edema.

this kind of edema often occurs below the ankle or knee, which may not be obvious in the morning, but after a day’s activity, the edema will be more obvious in the evening.

pathological edema occurs in a wide range of parts, such as lower limbs, hands, face, abdomen, and so on. When you press the skin lightly with your hand, the skin reaction will appear depression, no elasticity, dark blue color and other phenomena, and sometimes even numbness on the outside of the thigh, tingling of fingertips, or loss of sensation. But this edema will not affect the fetus, and will disappear with the birth of the fetus.

no matter what degree of edema, if you can not determine whether it is pathological or physiological, you should first go to the hospital for diagnosis, and then according to your own situation, the doctor will make corresponding measures. In addition, if you want to prevent edema, mothers to be must start from the following points:

suggestions: mothers to be should pay attention to rest every day, not too tired. After each meal, it is best to go out for a walk to ensure that they have enough sleep time.

suggestions: mothers to be should try to wear some cotton comfortable clothes during pregnancy, and avoid wearing too tight clothes, especially clothes for lower limbs. At the same time, be sure to buy a pair of soft leather or cloth shoes of natural material, and the sole is antiskid, the heel is better with 2cm.

suggestions: mothers to be can lie flat or choose the sleeping position on the left side as far as possible. When lying down, they can pad a pillow and other things under their feet, which is conducive to blood circulation. Mothers to be can also raise their legs for 15-20 minutes before going to bed, which can effectively relieve edema during pregnancy.

after a woman is pregnant, the body’s function of regulating salt and water will decrease, the blood will become thicker and the circulation speed will be reduced, which will also lead to edema.

suggestions: mothers to be should eat more light food in their daily life, and ensure that they eat enough protein, vegetables and fruits, and eat less food that is difficult to digest and easy to flatulence. At the same time, avoid eating high salt, processed, pickled or canned food.

suggestion: some mothers to be think that edema is drinking too much water, so they limit their drinking water. In fact, for general physiological edema, mothers to be do not need to limit the amount of drinking water.

suggestions: mothers to be must stand up and walk more during pregnancy, which is very beneficial to the blood circulation of lower limbs; at the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention not to cross legs at ordinary times. In addition, walking and swimming can prevent edema. Promoting blood circulation through massage is also effective in preventing edema. Especially before going to bed massage, can relieve leg pain, help sleep.

suggestion: however, the mother to be must pay attention to the temperature of the foot water. The water temperature can be controlled at 40 ~ 42 ℃. At the same time, the time of foot soaking should be controlled, generally about 20 minutes. When you soak your feet, the water should be at least above your ankles.

it is very normal to have edema during pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry too much. You only need to prevent edema from the above eight points. Pets