How strong are women who keep fit? I’m 31 years old, pregnant, and I insist on iron rolling. I don’t think I can beat pregnant women

A friend asked if pregnant women could exercise or do yoga? A 31 year old woman in the sports fitness industry is still working hard during her six-month pregnancy. You are right. This is her abdomen when she was pregnant in June. The name of the great God is yuan horong. She came from a doctor’s family, she is also an excellent Chinese medicine.

the reason why she gets attention in the fitness circle is that she is an incredible master of sports and fitness, and has all the muscles. She is respected and admired by male friends of professional sports and fitness. As we all know, women need to invest more energy to develop larger body muscles than their male friends. In the fitness circle, it is also very common to use a little tonic to help them.

therefore, many people speculate that yuan he Rong can develop such extreme body muscles. It is very likely that she took tonic, which is very dangerous and may lead to infertility in the future. As a traditional Chinese medicine, yuan horong did not reply too much, but released her B-ultrasound examination form during her pregnancy, which confirmed that her body shape was won by her own efforts and sweat, and tonic had nothing to do with it.

how hard does she work? At the age of 31, yuan was pregnant, but even in the course of six months of pregnancy, yuan still worked hard to keep fit and often showed his photos in the gym when he was pregnant in June. Many netizens said after watching, I think I can’t beat pregnant women, and many female friends enviously said: her stomach in June is smaller than mine. It can only be said that the addiction to sports and fitness is very difficult to give up. It’s incredible for women who love sports and fitness

of course, she’s still in the gym in June. For example, she is a traditional Chinese medicine and is very familiar with her physical condition. In addition, before pregnancy, she always tries to keep healthy, which is based on the premise that she has professional fitness knowledge. These factors affect her ability to develop these muscles, and she is still trying to stay healthy in her sixth month of pregnancy.

as for the first three months of pregnancy, all yoga movements can be trained, but the range of standing and forward bending yoga postures is smaller, because the spine needs to be strong and elastic, but the abdomen should not feel all the pressure. Throughout pregnancy, you can practice chakras or chakras, and practice these two yoga postures at any time to strengthen pelvic muscles and back, so as to reduce pain during childbirth.

don’t hold your breath during breathing control training during pregnancy. Regular deep breathing also helps in childbirth. This is master Iyengar’s advice on yoga during pregnancy. If you keep thinking before you get pregnant. If you have this foundation and have reliable expertise or reliable people to help you, then you can practice.

for example, Xiaobian used to recommend Yoga net red. You can practice yoga normally throughout your pregnancy. But you’ve never practiced before, and there’s no professional guidance around. This is only a temporary measure. You’d better not take the risk.

if you plan to lose weight after childbirth, Xiaobian will teach you a group of Pilates that you can do at home today. As long as you do these movements with this stretcher at home every day, you can easily lose weight, shape and recover your figure!

here is a list of the exercises of using tension rope:

lie flat on the yoga mat, step on the pedals with both feet, lift the feet up with the help of the waist and abdomen, with the highest point at 90 ° to the body, 20 times in each group, three groups a day.

step on the pedals with both feet, hold the hands tightly, fix the handle in front of the chest, rely on the waist, abdomen and legs, roll up as above, 15 in each group, 2-3 groups every day.

let’s find this NBR rubber Yoga Mat: anti slip, shock absorption, especially to protect the knees and joints of hands and feet. If the middle-aged and old people exercise, they can rest assured.

conclusion: I don’t know what you think of fitness goddess? Do you think her figure meets your aesthetic standards? In fact, Pilates is very suitable for women, especially for women who lose weight. The effect is quite obvious. It can also shape the body. It is a sport recommended by most stars, because its fitness effect is very good. No matter in the living room or bedroom, you can exercise anytime and anywhere. I believe you can do it easily. I hope you are more and more beautiful. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!