How superior is Zhao Ruth’s nose? I can see the close-up of the face when I take off my make-up

Zhao Lusi, a girl who always puts Zhao Liying’s name with her, was said by many people to be another “round face goddess” after Zhao Liying when she just started her career. Unfortunately, every time Zhao Lusi has a new play on the line, and just when there is a young seedling who is going to be popular, there will be another flower to distract everyone’s attention. Therefore, her popularity and popularity are high and low. Although she has a lot of audience, she still has a long way to go. In fact, Zhao’s beauty is similar to that of Zhao Liying. She doesn’t have such amazing and perfect facial features, nor does she have the look that people can see for ten thousand years. Some are just the round face that some directors “dislike”. However, it is this round face that makes her stand out among a group of flowers. Her facial features are not particularly amazing, but her nose becomes “the light of the whole face” All of the girls said they wanted to have Zhao’s high nose. < / P > < p > then how superior is Zhao Ruth’s nose? Why do so many small partners want to have it? As a matter of fact, we can see her close-up when she was shooting the advertisement. Next, let’s take a look at Zhao Ruth’s nose. Maybe you will find her nose very superior after reading it. Recently, Zhao Ruth spoke for a new makeup remover product. Because of the needs of the product, in advertising, she needs to remove makeup and wash her face directly. In this process, many of us have finally seen her true beauty. In order to prove the effect of this makeup remover, the photographer also pointed the camera at Zhao Ruth, who washed her face after removing makeup. < / P > < p > under the special camera, we also have a real understanding of Zhao Ruth’s face. Although it is said that she has not completely removed her make-up, it is undeniable that Zhao’s skin is really good, as always beautiful as a girl. < p > < p > and when she let go of her hand, her nose, close-up of her face, is also in front of us all. I have to say that when I look at her head-on, I really can’t see anything special about Zhao Ruth’s nose. But the profile of her face is really superior to her, isn’t it? < / P > < p > from the root of the mountain to the tip of the nose, the triangle is obvious. The bridge of the nose is so high that people admire it. No wonder so many girls say that Zhao Ruth’s nose is full of superiority. Pure triangle visual sense, it is estimated that few people’s nose can be so excellent? With the progress of science and technology, in fact, I have seen many female artists with beautiful noses, but some of them can obviously feel that kind of beauty, which is very unnatural. < / P > < p > to be honest, as a passer-by, I can’t help but wonder when I see the close-up of Zhao Ruth’s face. This nose is really superior. Moreover, her nose is not the kind of red faced nose that we often see on the Internet. Even in the close-up, it will give people a very natural and comfortable feeling. It is not the same level as the red nose. < p > < p > when we look at the small details of her nose when she takes off her makeup and washes her face, we can see that Zhao Ruth’s nose is really “the light of the whole face”. Originally, she also said that her facial features were not particularly delicate, and her face was round when viewed from the front, but this close-up of her face really surprised me. < p > < p > I believe that after watching the advertisement of Zhao Ruth’s makeup removal, you will understand how superior her nose is. As a small flower in the entertainment industry, Zhao Ruth always gives people the feeling of being cute and sweet, which is also the advantage of her round face. Although the whole is not amazing, but this nose is indeed the envy of many people. There is a pure natural high nose, for any girl, it can make everyone feel excellent, so, Zhao Ruth’s nose is superior, it is estimated that few people will refute it! < / P > < p > OK, the above is the full text sharing. After reading the above sharing, can you also realize the superiority of Zhao Ruth’s nose? What do you think of it? Welcome to leave a message directly to tell the editor= target=_ blank>Pets