How terrible! 3-year-old girl was hit by 10 times crossing the road

Recently, the traffic police in Qujing, Yunnan Province, released a surveillance video, which quickly sparked heated discussion on the Internet. Many netizens believed that parents did not fulfill their duty of guardianship. Fortunately, the little girl was diagnosed with bone fracture of both toes and was not in danger of life. < / P > < p > the surveillance video shows that the child’s mother crossed the road with the girl hand in hand and walked to a van across the road, and then the mother was busy with the things on the stall. In the unattended situation, the children began to play the thrilling “game” of crossing the road. During the whole process, the girl didn’t realize the danger at all. Fortunately, several cars and electric cars braked to avoid the danger, which did not lead to bad results. However, the girl ran into the front right side of a white SUV when she ran for the tenth time. At this time, the girl’s mother realized that the situation was not right. She trotted all the way to the girl and picked up the child. < / P > < p > in response to this traffic accident, the official microblog of traffic police detachment of Qujing Public Security Bureau in Yunnan Province issued a notice. The notice said that at 18:00 on July 23, 2020, a three-year-old girl set up a stall with her mother at the 300 meter road section at the intersection of the third middle school in Zhanyi District, Qujing City Play on the side. Unattended children play the game of crossing the road in the traffic flow, once, twice, three times, four times So I ran back and forth. During the first nine trips, she successfully avoided cars, motorcycles and electric vehicles, and even stopped several of them. When the time came to 18:39, the little girl ran to the tenth time, a white ordinary bus with the number plate of cloud d34 * 35 was driving normally from west to east along Wenchang route in Zhanyi District, and the little girl who was turning to speed up to cross the road hit the right front side of the off-road vehicle! The sudden brake of the car, the cry of the children and the screams of the surrounding people came together, which awakened the busy parents of the children. Roadside surveillance recorded the thrill. Fortunately, due to the narrow road surface and many forks in the road involved, the speed limit is 40 km / h, the white off-road vehicle is relatively slow, and the impact force is small. After being sent to the hospital for examination, the little girl was diagnosed with bone fracture of both toes, and there was no life risk. < / P > < p > after the release of the video, it quickly triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Netizens almost thought that the parents did not do a good job in monitoring. Netizen “Shi Xiaodong” left a message saying that the road is not your own yard, so you should be more careful about the car on the road. Netizen “freedom 3412” thinks the child is innocent, he said fortunately this driver drives slowly enough, innocent child, hateful parent. In Zongyang County, Tongling City, Anhui Province on May 7, two children ran and played on the main road in the city, crossing the road 13 times in three minutes. In the end, a car that couldn’t make way knocked down a boy. < p > < p > on July 13, this year, the traffic police in Yinchuan, Ningxia announced a typical traffic accident. When a parent in Helan county was crossing the road with her child, the little girl suddenly turned back and was hit by a moving car. After the incident, the police determined that the parents of the children were mainly responsible for the accident when they crossed the road and didn’t take the zebra crossing, while the vehicle causing the accident took secondary responsibility for speeding. According to Li Haifu, a lawyer from Hubei Jinwei law firm, the off-road vehicle in the video did not drive in violation of the regulations, but also took the initiative to avoid it. The off-road vehicle driver should bear the secondary responsibility, the girl should bear the primary responsibility for the accident, and the girl’s guardian should bear the civil responsibility for the accident. Home