How terrible is Amelia? In order to keep caiyue Pleiades, she decided to be pregnant

In the 11th speech of this update, due to the influence of various factors, Amelia was “broken” and fell into a “sick and delicate” state. At the end of this speech, Amelia also offered her last “kiss of death” to caiyue Pleiades. < p > < p > but in animation, how terrible is Emilia? In fact, it’s not just a sign of the “kiss of death”. Amelia, who has fallen into the state of “sick and delicate”, has changed her mind seriously. She even decided to make herself “pregnant” in order to keep caiyue Pleiades! < / P > < p > in the animation plot of the 11th story, the Holy Land suddenly snows heavily, and the villagers all suspect that it is caused by Emilia, a half demon. In addition, due to the failure of many trials, Amelia can not bear such huge pressure without Parker and caiyueyu, and finally the whole person begins to “break down”. < / P > < p > after caiyue Pleiades was sent back by Betty, she happened to meet Emilia who was hiding in the tomb. After seeing caiyue Pleiades, Amelia fell into the same state of expressing love as the jealous witch Shatila before, and this state is also known as “sick girl”! < / P > < p > after Amelia fell into the state of “sick and delicate”, Amelia also began to rely on caiyueyu for a variety of things, and even things that she would never have done in the past were liberated at this moment. When caiyuepleian was seriously injured by the Warcraft rabbit and returned to the tomb again, Amelia also directly offered a knee pillow and a kiss, hoping to keep caiyue Pleiades. In fact, Amelia decided to “get pregnant” from this kiss. There is a cold knowledge in the original novel, which may not be noticed by many people. < p > < p > Amelia’s psychological age is only 14 years old, and for 14-year-old Amelia, she has never understood anything about men and women, and Parker’s teaching has become Amelia’s only cognition. In Parker’s teaching, Amelia was also half jokingly instilled in Parker’s wrong idea that “kissing will make you pregnant”. < / P > < p > of course, in fact, the saying that “kissing leads to pregnancy” is a fallacy in itself, but for Amelia, this statement is deeply rooted, and Amelia has no doubt about it. In order to keep caiyue Pleiades, Amelia also made a huge decision to “get pregnant”. It can be seen how twisted Amelia was after falling into the state of “ill Jiao” at that time! < / P > < p > If Parker had taught Amelia the correct concept of men and women, she might still choose to do so here! Looking back here, Amelia can’t help shaking after “sick Jiao”! Dear friends, what do you think of Emilia after being ill? What do you want to say about Emilia’s approach? Welcome to discuss. Focus