How to accompany children with high quality, to accompany them to grow up through education and pleasure?

Recently, the micro variety show of parent-child interactive games created by muguang era and Brooke building blocks will be launched soon! Parent child education has always been the focus of public attention, but the real good education is not measured by scores after school, but the cultivation of all aspects of preschool children’s ability. How to accompany children with high quality, to achieve education in fun, and to infiltrate the cultivation of ability in the process of playing with children is also the value of this program. < p > < p > in the first season, we invited a number of star parents to join us: Wang Zulan, a good man and a loving father; Yi Nengjing, a sister who braved the wind and waves; Yi Nengjing, a mother of two children against age; Liu Xuan, a mother of self-discipline; and Zhang Xiaolong, a Gao Zhi father. Through the star parents present with their children at the first scene, parents and children experts make real-time comments on the second scene, and make full use of Brooke toys as props to exercise children’s mathematical thinking ability. In fact, there are a lot of digital experts in China, but there are very few experts in preschool mathematics thinking enlightenment. We also invited he QiuGuang, a domestic preschool mathematics expert, parent-child opinion leader and child education expert Big J and small D jointly present more parenting methods to parents from the aspects of children’s thinking enlightenment and children’s ability training. In the process of observing the game between star parents and cute children, starting from the pain points that families will encounter in life, through the scene based interactive games, we can understand and solve the problems and challenges encountered by children aged 0-6 in the process of growth, and help parents through Gamification To promote the maintenance of the family parent-child relationship and solve the problem of parents with children. < / P > < p > at the recording site of the program, a series of building block cars and parent-child parks built by Brooke building blocks also appeared. The star guests and Meng Bao will complete a series of game challenges in this building block Park, and each module in the park scene can also be used to experience the game, making the scene interesting and making the star guests and cute children interact naturally Through the game method, we can complete the parent-child enlightenment education, product use and brand concept transmission. In addition to the high quality of parent-child company, we also attach great importance to “health and safety”. Brooke toys mainly uses big building block granules with international certification materials to pay attention to the safety and health of babies. At the same time, there is no problem for the expected baby to use it. In addition, the abundant building block graphics are very helpful for children’s thinking enlightenment. < / P > < p > as the head star of muguang era In recent years, the brand of lifestyle content has produced IP of travel, parent-child, home furnishing and food. In terms of parent-child content companion created in the muguang era, focusing on family life and parent-child education companion and other topics, in September 2020, after finishing the iqiyi outdoor parent-child experience reality show, it also launched the workplace mother observation reality show, which is worth looking forward to! < / P > < p > If parent-child education is the cornerstone of a better family life, then muguang era has always provided practical and beautiful parent-child content for the public. It is the content value to be conveyed that parents can learn to accompany with high quality and let parent-child education be able to teach and enjoy. It is reported that the program will officially tiktok Youku, parent-child channel in mid November, and will be voicing with a crowd of jowl and micro-blog V. We are looking forward to the happy broadcast of the game between the star parents and the cute baby. The group of star parents will go through the program with Meng Bao and grow up happily. Focus