How to become a fitness master if you don’t understand the energy consumption in fitness?

Now our economic development is on a fast track, and material life is getting better and better. On this basis, people will not only stop at simple material security, but will gradually have the idea of expanding to other fields. Fitness is a good exercise activity that can transfer energy and is beneficial to the body.

along with the slogan of national fitness, the figure of national fitness has become more and more a normal of people’s life, and has become a kind of people’s living habits. It gradually makes people feel irreplaceable when they are integrated into the city’s thousands of households. It is a common thing for people to exercise in their spare time every day.
although the fitness effect of 888 people’s body-building is not obvious after a period of exercise, why can’t people’s exercise have the same effect?

this is not only whether we are seriously training, but also the energy consumption in fitness. If we don’t have a complete understanding of the energy consumption in our body, it will be difficult for us to further master our own fitness activities in the process of fitness, and the fitness effect will be discounted, so we can not keep fit It’s necessary to pay a little attention to our energy consumption.

people who often exercise know that our body will have a normal metabolic activity. Whether you have exercise or not today, it will happen in your body. It is the basic guarantee of our body, just as it is very important for a car to be refuelled.

in fact, it consists of two processes. One is anabolism, that is, the process in which our body converts nutrients into substances we need through food intake, so that our body can live a normal life. In this process, the body will absorb energy;

the other is catabolism, where absorption leads to decomposition The body will not only expand, it is to decompose our own material, in this process will release energy, and into heat energy, and the heat generated by it will maintain the normal physiological activities of our body, so that our body can exist healthily. There is an important thing between them, which has always been accompanied by the existence of metabolism, that is, energy, invisible things, but it does exist, and it is very important, just like the air, although we often ignore its existence, but it plays an important role.

metabolism only constitutes a part of our body’s energy consumption, and there are two essential parts of our body’s energy consumption: the heat effect of food and the energy consumption of physical activities.

the heat effect of food can be simply understood as that we also consume our own calories in the process of eating. Yes, you can hear it correctly. This is the truth, because in the process of eating food, our digestive system will exercise, thus consuming its own calories. The world is so big, there is no wonder that our body is so mysterious. Another energy expenditure of physical activity is the energy consumed by our daily activities, such as walking, running, etc. We mainly rely on the regulation of its energy consumption to form muscle gain or fat loss in our body.

our energy consumption is to consume nutrients for our body through various organs and tissue activities of the human body, and then consume them in the three forms mentioned just now. In this cycle, energy is absorbed and released continuously throughout the year.

in fact, the first two kinds of energy consumption are basically fixed for our human body. We have no way to change them. We usually help our fitness activities through the energy consumption of physical activities.

fitness exercise is essentially a kind of physical activity, which is planned, purposeful, repeated and long-term physical activity. According to research, if two athletes with similar physique do the same exercise, the faster the speed, the more calories they burn. Fast speed means more work done by muscles at the same time. What’s more, they also found that sports that can mobilize a variety of muscles to train together, such as running, rope skipping, etc., consume more calories than those using tools for fitness, because the range of physical activity of the exerciser will be large when doing these exercises, which will bring extra energy consumption.

so far, we probably know that fitness is inextricably related to our energy consumption. Fitness is not unimportant, but the energy consumption that goes hand in hand with it should also be paid attention to. So how does energy consumption affect fitness in our bodies?

in the process of fitness exercise, if we do the same exercise at the same time, the greater the intensity of exercise, the more energy consumption. If the same exercise intensity is used in the same exercise situation, the longer the exercise time is, the more energy consumption will be. This shows that the greater the intensity of exercise, the longer the time, the more energy will be consumed. The effect of training level on energy consumption

the training level can be understood as the total length of fitness time, such as a beginner and a fitness master for five years. When a person carries on a sports activity for the first time, because he is not familiar with it, he will have a sense of physical fatigue at the beginning, which not only consumes a lot of energy, but also has low efficiency; but if the person carries on for a long time, practice will make perfect, and the body has already adapted to the sport and has muscle memory. At this time, when training again, the energy consumption will be reduced and the efficiency will be high It has been improved. This is what we call a high level of training people’s body movement efficiency is higher, while energy consumption will be reduced accordingly.

because our fitness depends on the diet we eat, diet also has a great impact on our energy consumption, which is related to the heat effect of food. Intake of food in our body can be roughly divided into carbohydrate, fat, protein these three categories, but the proportion of carbohydrate and fat calories is very small, the impact on energy consumption is protein, reaching 30% – 40% of the heat generated, so we can appropriately increase the intake of some protein when we eat.

although energy consumption is often ignored in fitness activities, less attention is paid to it, so people are always confused when it is mentioned, but we should still have a certain understanding of it, let it help our fitness, so that we can advance in the road of fitness effectively. Next