How to choose skin care products suitable for sensitive muscles? Simple 2 steps: choose right, use right, save money and have good skin

In fact, that product is not suitable for sensitive muscles in terms of ingredients. So what products are suitable for sensitive muscles and how to choose them? Today, this article talks to you from four aspects ~

in order to find out why products marked with sensitive muscles are still sensitive, the key is to find out the causes of skin sensitivity and the characteristics of the so-called sensitive muscle products.

the most important function of skin is barrier, and the most important structure of skin barrier is sebum and stratum corneum. When the skin barrier is damaged, the skin’s resistance to external stimuli will be reduced. At this time, the seemingly safe ingredients of skin care products may also penetrate into the stratum corneum to cause skin irritation. Therefore, the root cause of skin sensitivity is impaired barrier.

excessive damage to the barrier; the use of skin care products with strong irritation leads to barrier damage; the barrier damage caused by external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays; and the barrier damage caused by external stimuli such as medicine and beauty.

as a matter of fact, up to now, there is no official standard and definition for “sensitive muscle available”. In fact, “sensitive muscles are available” has become the advertising language of many products.

as we said earlier, the root cause of the sensitive muscles is that the barrier is damaged. For sensitive muscles, the focus of skin care is to reduce irritation. The most important way to reduce stimulation is to reduce the use of stimulating components. These stimulative ingredients include:

alcohol; flavors and fragrances; stimulant preservatives; plant extracts; salicylic acid, fruit acid, vitamin A alcohol, vitamin C and other active ingredients; in fact, even alcohol, essence, preservatives and other ingredients are not entirely useless, mainly depends on individual skin barrier ability. And active ingredients such as salicylic acid and fruit acid, which want to play a role in skin care products, the most important thing is to penetrate into the skin, and penetration means certain stimulation. Therefore, it is not recommended to use sensitive muscles.
the main ingredients in the market are relatively safe. However, there are a large number of products that only use “sensitive muscle” as the selling point. However, the products themselves are not suitable for sensitive muscles.

for example, this amino acid cleanser can be used for sensitive muscles, but it is actually a cleansing product with amino acid compound and soap base. Amino acid complex soap base is milder than simple soap base, but it is not suitable for sensitive muscle compared with APG and betaine.

such products are not only in big brands, but also in many small brands and wechat brands. Therefore, sometimes it seems to buy a product that claims to be “special for sensitive muscles” and “available for sensitive muscles”, but the product itself is not suitable for sensitive muscles.

but in fact, plant extracts are more complex than ordinary chemical components and have stronger penetration capacity to the skin. Compared with pure chemical composition, the risk is higher.

as we said earlier, the key to skin care for sensitive muscles is to reduce irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid alcohol, essence and active ingredients that may stimulate skin at the time of product selection.

therefore, we should form the habit of reading the ingredient list. We should not only believe in the product advertising, but also take great pains to check the ingredient list. After all, your face is your own, and you are the only one responsible for your skin.

besides avoiding irritating ingredients, ingredients such as squalane, ceramide and linoleic acid are also ingredients that can help repair skin barrier. In the selection of products for sensitive muscle, the ingredients should be simplified and the products containing these ingredients should be given priority.

it is also a sensitive muscle. Different skin care methods of each person will also affect the effect of the product on the skin. And the sensitive muscles are also divided into different types. So it’s better to try it yourself.

the essence of sensitive muscle is barrier damage, and the key to solve the problem is barrier repair. Not all products that claim to be available for sensitive muscles are suitable for sensitive muscles. It is suggested to look at the composition table to avoid irritant components, and then confirm whether they are really applicable through trial.

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