How to correct a cat’s behavior after making a mistake

In fact, cats and humans have a lot in common, it is also very smart, you pet it, it will understand that when it is playful, it often interacts with its owner. But cats are picky and make trouble. When you think that they make mistakes, don’t rush to reprimand them, because your reprimand is completely unknown and even shows a very aggrieved appearance. The most important thing is not to spank the buttocks and abdomen. Gently pat the forehead and nose, and the cat will understand that you are reprimanding him.

every time she goes to bed, you face her on your stomach, stare at her, and your throat says “um…” That’s the kind of sound that cats make when they fight with each other, warning each other and demonstrating.

of course, you should try to act as a demonstration and threat to it. You can’t make friendly actions such as laughing or scratching.

if you don’t eat, you should be hungry. If you don’t eat, you can give her something that she can still eat, but you can’t give her favorite food at this time. Otherwise, the owner will fail in the contest between you and the cat.

physical abuse can also correct the bad habits of kittens, but cats will become timid and afraid of others. Do not abuse the above mental admonition method, otherwise cats will become very afraid of their owners.