How to deal with engine dust? Don’t flush directly with water, teach you how to clean correctly and easily

As a car owner, I definitely hope my car looks brand new and up-to-date, so regular car washing is inevitable. But if you go to the car wash every time, the money for washing the car every month is not a small expense! Therefore, many cars choose to wash their own cars at home. However, when washing their own cars in summer, we must understand some precautions clearly. If we don’t pay attention to them, car washing may become a car wreck! < / P > < p > let’s all understand the physical principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction. It’s the same for automobile engines. Because most engine parts are metal products, it’s easy to crack or deform when cooling down rapidly under high temperature, so if you want to clean, you must ensure that the engine is at room temperature. < / P > < p > there will be a prompt on the fuse box in the engine compartment of some vehicles to prevent the high-pressure gun from flushing here. Even if the fresh-keeping box is waterproof, it is used to prevent rain water, but it can’t be carried in the face of high-pressure water gun. In case, pay attention to this when washing the car. In these places, it is recommended to use the special cleaning agent for the engine compartment, that is, it is free of water washing and clean. The key is to save a lot of trouble. Just spray it and wipe it gently! < / P > < p > there are many rainy days in summer. In order to save time, many drivers just wait for the rain to wash the car. It looks like they have washed the car. But what you don’t know is that it does great harm to the car paint! < / P > < p > because rainwater contains a lot of acidic substances, it has a certain corrosive effect on car paint and other metal parts. Therefore, we should never do this again. Even after the rain, we have to wash the car in time to wash the acid substances left on the surface of the car to avoid further corrosion. < / P > < p > after driving for a long time, there will be a lot of dust and oil in the engine compartment, which is very troublesome to clean! Therefore, when many car owners wash their cars, in order to save trouble, they will directly use water to flush the engine room. However, this kind of dust and oil is very difficult for you to wash with water, and it may also damage the wiring in the engine compartment.

the most correct way to deal with engine dust is to use a dedicated engine to clean the foam. As long as you spend tens of dollars, you can buy a good foam cleaner. It can not only clean the engine, it can also effectively protect the engine, and can form a protective film to prevent dust and stains. Make dust and stains less likely to adhere to the engine. < / P > < p > turn off all the circuits in the car and wait for it to cool before you open the hood. You can find a small brush, and then gently brush off the dust.

and then remove foam cleanser. Remember to shake it before using it. Then spray it on the place to be cleaned. If the dust on the engine is too much, it needs to be sprayed on the parts in the engine compartment. After standing for five minutes, it can be cleaned immediately by wiping with a rag. It is easy to use and inexpensive, and it can also avoid the aging of the circuit and cause unnecessary trouble. The external cleaning agent of

engine, as a powerful detergent, is specially used for the surface of machine parts which are complex in cleaning form and difficult to clean by common methods. It is easy to use, can form foam on the vertical surface, remove oil dirt, dirt and dirt on the surface of steam and diesel engine quickly, protect the surface of machine parts, and do not damage the rubber, plastic parts and paint surface of machine parts. It is safe to use and keep the machine clean as new. < / P > < p > the engine external cleaning agent is suitable for quick oil removal, carbon deposition removal, gum removal, solid dirt removal and comprehensive cleaning of automobile, motorcycle engine surface, diesel engine set, container, kitchen range hood, stove, floor tile and other items. Focus