How to deal with the four most common postpartum pain?

Mothers who have had childbirth experience will have this feeling. In a few months after delivery, all kinds of body pain will be accompanied by childbirth wounds, wrist joint pain, limb pain, etc., and some even seriously affect daily life, making new mothers distressed.

the recovery of lateral episiotomy is faster than that of cesarean section wound. If there is swelling, purulent and dehiscence in the lateral incision within 42 days, you need to go to the hospital immediately for medical treatment.

it takes about 4-6 weeks for the wound to fully recover after cesarean section. If the mother does not belong to the scar constitution, plus the postoperative recovery is good, the scar can hardly be seen in about a year.

Postpartum must pay attention to rest, wound care should follow the doctor’s advice, to avoid wound infection. Don’t do physical work too early. At the same time, don’t forget the follow-up visit of 42 days after delivery.

many new mothers have different degrees of wrist joint pain after childbirth, which are basically found in the period of childbirth, and have not recovered for a long time after delivery.

1. Pay attention to keep warm after delivery, and do not use cold water to do housework too early. Usually, wash hands, feet, face, pay attention to the use of hot water, avoid contact with cold water.

2. Don’t be too tired to take care of your baby. When you have pain in your wrist and fingers, you must take a rest. You’d better ask someone else to take care of your baby temporarily.

a large amount of hormones are secreted during pregnancy. In order to adapt to the development of the fetus, the pelvis will be stretched and widened. Due to excessive force during delivery, the pubic symphysis will be separated and the ligament will be damaged. Postpartum dyspubic recovery can not only cause pubic pain, low back pain, abdominal pain, but also lead to uterine prolapse, vaginal relaxation, urinary incontinence and body shape changes.

some new mothers reported that their sexual life after natural birth was very painful every time. The main reason was that they had lateral episiotomy, and the vaginal orifice was a little painful, which made them afraid of having sex.

generally speaking, if the lateral incision wound is not large or deep, and there is no infection, it usually heals well. It doesn’t affect sex.

However, if infection occurs in the lateral incision wound, or the maternal body is scar constitution, the wound healing time will be prolonged or the healing is poor. In this case, women will have discomfort or pain after sex.