How to do men’s business well? Let’s start with men’s skin care products

On the one hand, they are not easy to have purchase desire and narrow consumption field, and their consumption behavior pays more attention to the realization of family self, career self and power self;

on the other hand, they are more rational than perceptual, not easy to be affected by marketing advertising, and pay more attention to the actual product function. What’s more, it also makes them have two levels of brand choice. Industrious and thrifty men pay more attention to cost performance, and those with consumption strength prefer high-end brands that show their identity. The brand effect of being stuck in the middle is mostly out of order.

as early as 18 years ago, a report from Jingdong Research Institute pointed out that there were intergenerational stratification in the preference of Chinese men’s consumption: after 70, after 80, for family consumption, and after 90, they began to love image. In the wake of the rise of the new middle class, the younger generation of men, and even in the public perception, men do begin to care about their own consumption outside their careers and families. For example, consumption related to appearance and body begins to increase.

, based on the public data of Tmall men’s nursing sales, the sales volume of Tmall’s products for men’s R & D has reached 290 million yuan since the beginning of the year. It has entered the top 10 of the overall sales of skin care and beauty products. Men’s demand for skin care products has also been subdivided. In May, the top 30 men’s special mask in the sales volume, without exception, emphasized the replenishment of water and pores.

but it is when a person begins to pay attention to the details of his skin, it means that his consumption power has expanded. According to Euromonitor’s prediction, the global male beauty market may reach 51.1 billion US dollars in 2020 …

on the surface, this is the trend that men have become more beautiful, but behind it is precisely the trend that they begin to understand how to please themselves, expand the consumption field, and enrich their consumption patterns. They are transforming from the bottom of the consumption chain to new rich people.

in the following section, we will start from the subdivision field of men’s beauty, and find opportunities for the future men’s market by studying and judging three successful men’s beauty and skin care brands.

as mentioned above, among the characteristics of the new generation of men’s consumer behavior, it is very significant that their consumption areas are expanding rapidly, and these expanding areas often come from the “anxiety” of exclusive male groups. These anxieties are also the starting point for brands to enter the male market.

in 2017, the founders of hims noticed that men have a lot of anxiety in personal health care, such as hair loss, skin acne, sexual health and other common male physiological problems. At the same time, men are a little hard to talk about these problems. They are not willing to see a doctor, but also worried about the high cost.

the first thing hims provides is website direct sales. After male patients arrive at the official website, they can have online medical consultation, which solves the psychological embarrassment. Then, they can directly obtain the relevant solutions and products, and finally, hims will be sent directly to consumers. While the whole delivery process is greatly shortened, it not only solves the objective needs, but also solves the psychological needs of men for these problems. The online service and direct sales mode are used to reduce the cost, thus greatly reducing the price.

more importantly, hims integrates these subdivided needs and provides one-stop cost-effective services for male health care.

today, this company has become a unicorn enterprise in the field of male health care, and has also extended its products to the fields of mental health and women’s health.

through the study of this brand case, we can find that the consumption demand of men’s market is not only the objective demand on the surface, but also the needs of psychological level, service level and even convenience level. Under the trend of increasingly diversified male consumption market, enterprises need keen demand insight to provide solutions for their objective or potential “anxiety” Case.

it is true that the male group still has an advantage in the distribution of social property, holding the mainstream discourse power in such fields as luxury goods and durable consumer goods, and they often don’t care about the price.

bulk home, a Japanese men’s skin care brand, has become the key to conquer male consumers through the consideration of cost performance and brand sense.

first of all, our product design is based on minimalist style, which is very in line with men’s aesthetics in terms of vision; its product line design is relatively simple, only the series of washing and sun protection reduces the difficulty of men’s choice.

, for example, the Japanese national treasure idol Takuya Kimura is used to speak for the guests. But the price of the three sets of the main cleansing cream, toner and lotion is only more than 300 yuan, which will be more intimate in the Japanese consumption level.

at the same time, in order to emphasize the cost-effectiveness, the customer specially uses the soft packaging with lower cost, and directly tells the consumers that the reason why we choose this kind of packaging is that we use the real materials, which undoubtedly emphasizes the advantages of quality and cost performance for male consumers.

in addition, we have also spent a lot of time on channels. In addition to selling on the official website, it has also opened up more than 500 well-known retail stores, hair salons, gyms, hotels and supermarkets in Japan, and cooperated with 17 stores of the suit company, which is famous in Japan for “providing high-quality products with high fashion at reasonable prices”.

at the same time, according to the characteristics of men’s consumption behavior, we have developed a monthly order mode, and through the convenient service of monthly delivery, we can win the choice of male consumers. At present, the brand has gradually established word-of-mouth in China. Through the analysis of xiaohongshukou in 2019, Shiqu insight engine finds that Chinese consumers have a high recognition of the efficacy of our products, and its simple packaging has won a lot of praise.

marketing promotes the brand tonality, cooperates with high-end stores offline, and provides digital channels. This is a brand that clearly runs for brand premium. Why is the price low, and even shows the cost performance by saving product packaging?

in the product psychological design for the new generation of consumers, the social currency represented by the product is an important factor in brand premium. Although both men and women have social currency psychology, they are more concentrated in a few professional fields, such as 3C, automobile, watch, luxury goods, etc. in these fields, men tend to have more consumption power, and brands have more space for premium, because these contents are essentially linked to men’s social rights and status.

but there are many other products. Like washing, men don’t like women to love what kind of cream they have bought and what essence they use. Therefore, in some male sub categories, especially in the categories that are difficult to serve as social currency, the dual balance of brand and cost performance has become an important way to create male consumer goods brands.

Finally, it should be noted that in the general trend of consumption upgrading, the understanding of cost performance of different categories should not be simple and crude. Men who used to value brands to show their status, and men who didn’t care about brands and valued practical products in the past, will care more about brands in the future.

triumph & amp; disaster is a famous brand for men’s skin care in New Zealand, which is popular in Europe, America and Australia, and even mentioned frequently by grass growers in China. As a famous former cricketer in New Zealand, Dion Nash, the founder of the brand, created a “masculine body” skin care brand completely in accordance with the male language.

first of all, at the product level, T & amp; D’s product line is very simple, which only provides shaving and fragrance. Regardless of the advantages of natural ingredients, T & amp; D’s most typical masculinity is reflected in the visual language of its front-end products.

on the packaging, T & amp; D understands men very well at a glance. It is extremely simple, low-key and has a texture design style, and satisfies men’s aesthetic preference with deep colors.

in terms of product names, T & amp; d also respects male language features and consumption habits. For example, shaving foam products do not have any words to stack up. They are named as old product shaving cream and fragrance category, called aromatic deodorant, and so on. The product function is taken as the product name and concise and straightforward, and it also saves the hearts of those who care little white and do not want to know too much skin care information.

let’s take a look at the package products that contain multiple products. The name is simply called “on the Roda” or “road less traveled”, which satisfies the romantic heroism of men.

secondly, in terms of marketing communication, T & amp; D has also chosen a more masculine way. For example, instead of looking for stars whose skin is really delicate to speak for, it is looking for famous athletes with “rough skin and thick flesh” to speak for it; in daily promotion, elements such as big flower arms, which symbolize male hormones, can be seen everywhere.

in media endorsements, T & amp; d always emphasizes male exclusive use scenarios such as after sports and shaving. Let’s take a look at slogan, a brand that people like to talk about: “in the face of victory and disaster, face up to the glory and disgrace without being surprised.”.

of course, the case of T & amp; D tells us that product packaging language is only one aspect. In today’s male skin care category, gender ambiguous marketing content is still the mainstream. This is just like in the report on male beauty, many viewpoints will put forward: men no longer equate make-up with “Niang”, but in fact, this advanced view still has a long way to go from the general recognition of male groups.

it can be seen that while men attach importance to beauty and skin care, they still attach importance to the boundary between “Niang” and “man”. The “neutral” marketing language can not solve the problem of gender differences. For male brands, it is necessary to have a marketing language system that more matches their aesthetic and social values.

through the data analysis of insight engine, Shiqu found that in the influence ranking of domestic male skin care hot brands, the brands with female product line still occupy the majority, and there are not many skin care brands only for men; moreover, only sporadic emerging brands appear in the ranking, and other brands are still dominated by traditional well-known brands. In the skin care category, which has a relatively high market sensitivity, it also reflects that there is still a high space for men’s consumption demand in the whole market.

in the future, in the general trend of consumption upgrading, consumers’ back wave coming, and consumption behavior de sexualization, men’s consumption space will continue to rise. Brands need to deeply understand and tap their demand points to provide more convenient and efficient products and services.

at the same time, we should also pay attention to: men still have their unique and traditional side in the face of different categories of consumer behavior, but brand will become the core driver; for men’s marketing language, we should not only respect gender but also emphasize personalization, so as to truly win the hearts of the new generation of men. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE