How to exercise and how long does it take to lose beer belly quickly? Six months is enough!

In the modern Chinese people’s common way of life and diet, if you do not pay attention to diet control and participate in physical exercise, it is not uncommon for a person to have a dazzling beer belly when he is middle-aged. < p > < p > a few years ago, domestic media quoted the British authoritative medical journal as reporting that China, with nearly 100 million obese people, has become the country with the largest number of obese people in the world. According to media reports, there are about 300 million overweight people in China. In the first half of this year, a data consulting company released the number provided in the figure that the total number of obese people in China has reached 250 million. < p > < p > the so-called “beer belly” refers to the shape of the abdomen protruding due to the serious accumulation of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. How much protuberance is a beer belly? There is no uniform standard. A reference standard is given in this paper: < / P > < p > two hours after a meal, the abdomen still protrudes obviously when wearing a non tight T-shirt or T-shirt. < p > < p > if people no longer exercise after graduation from school, they will gradually produce beer belly after middle age, and now there is a trend of early age. Both men and women. With the increase of age and the decrease of metabolism level, this trend will be more obvious. However, due to the differences in genetics, personal lifestyle, diet and daily activities, the size of beer belly varies from person to person. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion: people who have beer belly have no exercise habit and belong to sports novice. < / P > < p > empirically, it only takes half a year to lose beer belly quickly. According to the previous definition of “beer belly”, if you want to “lose beer belly”, as long as you can stand in a natural state, the stomach does not protrude forward. Fortunately, people with beer bellies are all novices in sports, so they have at least three months of “novice weight loss welfare period”. This means that as long as you can exercise, you can lose weight quickly and your waistline will shrink rapidly. How to do it? < / P > < p > only do aerobic exercise, jogging is recommended. However, if the initial weight of the dieter is larger, jogging at the beginning is not recommended. It can be changed into motor bike, aerobics, rowing machine, etc. < / P > < p > exercisers don’t have to hang on a tree, that is, they don’t have to do one kind of exercise. If you arrange five aerobic exercises in a week, the content of each aerobic exercise can be completely different, such as aerobics on Monday and motor cycling on Wednesday. < p > < p > in short, in the first three months, taking part in the exercise itself is more important than “what you did and how hard you exercised.”. Because it is in the “novice weight loss welfare period”, as long as you can move and move, you can lose weight quickly and effectively. It can be understood that at this stage, the amount of exercise is more important than the quality of exercise. < / P > < p > after the rapid weight loss in the first three months, the exercise ability is improved, the body basically adapts to the current exercise rhythm, and the weight loss effect will gradually slow down until it stagnates. At this point, it is more difficult to lose weight. What should I do? < / P > < p > to improve the difficulty of exercise or increase the amount of exercise. For example: originally only participated in the elementary course of m-bike, now I have changed to intermediate and advanced courses; the duration of each exercise has been extended to 90 minutes. < / P > < p > in these three months, the weekly exercise frequency should still be maintained, and the exercise mode is more important. The principle is to let the body jump out of the adaptive state after the exercise in the first three months, so that the body can start a new round of fat reduction process and further reduce the waist circumference. < / P > < p > reduce greasy fried high sweet food, do not eat snacks, lunch and dinner seven minutes full, try to reduce the intake of refined carbon water, dinner appropriately reduce the amount of staple food, dinner before 9:00 p.m., no supper. < / P > < p > at the end of the first three months, the first platform period will be roughly ushered in. At this point, the above crude diet control measures do not work. According to the “calorie deficit” theory, dieters should record and estimate how many calories they eat and how many calories they will consume each day to see if there is a deficit. < / P > < p > if other dietary methods are adopted, measures should be taken according to the corresponding dietary principles, such as low glycemic index diet, and more foods with lower glycemic index should be consumed. < / P > < p > through the above three months’ efforts, most people can lose their beer belly, that is, “when standing naturally, the abdomen will no longer protrude forward due to excessive fat”. < / P > < p > some people may say that after I take off my coat, I still see small stomach and fat between my waist and abdomen. In the definition of yuxingjun, the fat between the waist and abdomen in this state is called “fat”, not “beer belly”. < / P > < p > if you want to completely reduce the weight, it’s a very difficult action, which is much more difficult than reducing beer belly. To see those friends who have been doing exercises for many years, it is very rare that they can achieve the condition of no fat on the waist and abdomen. Or down-to-earth, first eliminate the beer belly again! 08/16/2020