How to get rid of elephant legs? 4 steps to thin legs, 3 months to reduce the thigh dimension 4cm!

With the development of modern society, we can take all kinds of transportation when we go out, we don’t want to cook, we can order takeout, we don’t need to do gravity work, we just need to sit in front of the computer. And this kind of living habit, also causes the obesity probability to soar.

especially for people who are sedentary, the blood circulation of their lower limbs is not smooth, and elephant legs will appear. In addition, the diet is too heavy for taste, and the diet principle of heavy oil and salt, the health status of people is getting lower and lower.

most girls hope to have a pair of slender legs, such as those of Yang Mi and Ouyang Nana, which will make them attractive and attractive when they wear shorts and skirts.

the main reason for the appearance of elephant legs is that the body fat exceeds the standard. The accumulation of fat causes the legs to become more and more bloated. The long-term sedentary, cross legged behavior will make your lower limb circulation blocked, legs numbness, thrombosis and other health diseases.

the first step: strengthen exercise to promote calorie consumption. It is suggested that aerobic exercise should be given priority to and strength training should be supplemented. Aerobic exercise can choose running, swimming, playing ball, climbing stairs, cycling and other training, 40-60 minutes a day can effectively reduce the body fat rate, reduce excess fat in the body.

the second step is to carry out strength training for thin legs. Strength training exercises hip and leg movements mainly include squat, hip push, goat stand up, Bobbie jump, lunge squat, Bulgarian squat, etc. this training can improve the muscle mass of buttocks and legs, create a good-looking buttock body, improve the leg line sense, and make the legs become tight.

besides strengthening exercise, you should also adjust your diet. In terms of diet, you also need to eat a healthy diet, control your calorie intake, and make your body produce enough calorie gaps. At this time, the body will mobilize the stored fat for energy supply, and the body fat rate will decrease, and the dimension of legs will also decrease.

you need to keep a light diet. You should give up the taste of spicy and sour salt. The food is mainly light. Eat vegetables with high fiber, good for urination and promoting intestinal peristalsis, such as white gourd, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and water spinach. Usually do not eat snacks, give up drink, drink more water to enhance satiety, promote blood circulation. Choose low calorie foods instead of high calorie, over processed foods to reduce calorie levels.

this is the last thing to be vigilant about. Usually, the sedentary time should be shortened. For example, if you sit for 1 hour, you need to get up and move for 10 minutes. You can climb stairs to do stretching training, so as to promote the blood circulation of lower limbs and prevent elephant leg and sedentary disease. Skip to content