How to give birth to a “high IQ” baby? Don’t miss the golden age of fetal brain development

The key is that she is still good-looking, and her parents are not so good-looking? What a beautiful child! This is really enviable!

and some children: they seem to have autism. They don’t listen to how to teach them to speak. They go to the hospital in a hurry. The doctor says that they speak late, which really makes people anxious.

the EQ is low. I cry when I see strangers. I’m not liked at all. I’m stupid. I can only do damage. How can I not be cute at all? It’s really a bit of a bother to see that both parents are in good shape and how to give birth to this “unsatisfactory” little guy.

I have to say that intelligence is affected by genetic factors, but it is also closely related to some behaviors of mothers during pregnancy. In these stages, is the baby’s golden period of development, mothers can not miss, achievement of a “high IQ” baby, depends on the mothers!

if parents have plans to have a baby, they must have another baby on the premise that their mother takes good care of their body! The environment of mother and fetus is very important. Once the physical quality of mother and fetus is not up to the standard, it will have a great impact on the growth and development of children.

in fact, there is no lack of examples of accidental pregnancy in this world. Many parents have taken contraceptive measures, such as taking contraceptives, but the child is still pregnant. In this case, they are reluctant to give up the child, so it is difficult for the child to grow up healthily because of the obstacles of drugs.

from the eighth week of pregnancy, the fetus began to have a basic rudiment. Just as the growth of all things begins in the bud, this stage is the baby’s embryonic stage. Their brain cells begin to differentiate and develop the spinal cord, and the role of genes is also revealed.

is a child single eyelid or double eyelid? Long legs or short legs? Is it a boy or a girl? It’s all decided by genes! However, in terms of intelligence, mothers can still struggle. In addition to congenital problems, which are difficult to correct, mothers should pay more attention to other problems!

at this stage, pregnant mothers can take some folic acid according to the doctor’s advice, which is conducive to the child’s development and growth. Compared with the child’s growth, folic acid is not expensive at all, but don’t take folic acid as sugar, so we must take it according to the doctor’s advice.

at 18 weeks of gestation, the pregnant mother can feel the fetal movement. This is because the baby’s brain cells begin to proliferate, which brings about the continuous development of visual and auditory nerves. No matter whether the mothers are willing to believe it or not, the baby has the ability to learn.

many pregnant mothers also began to carry out prenatal education at this time. I don’t know if we are familiar with an advertisement. A pregnant mother put headphones on her stomach.

Yes, it’s cultivating children’s music cells! It is said that children who like music and understand music will not be too bad. That should be the truth.

in fact, at this stage, pregnant mothers need to maintain a stable mood and optimistic and cheerful mental state. Babies can feel it. In addition, you can also read some books to your child. Touching your stomach properly can stimulate the rapid development of your baby’s brain.

there is a real incident: a mother went to the hospital for routine examination, but heard a bolt from the blue News – the child’s “lateral ventricle widened”, that is, hydrocephalus.

this requires the pregnant mother to pay attention to the growth of the baby, do a good job of prenatal examination on time, and do a good job of education on the basis of ensuring the healthy growth of the fetus, so that the baby can become a healthy and high IQ person!

20 weeks of gestation is the most critical period for a baby’s brain development. At this time, the baby’s fetal movement is much more obvious than before. Mothers must supplement nutrition in time to ensure that the child’s brain can develop rapidly under the condition of adequate nutrition. Only when the nutrition of mothers is balanced, the baby will have a higher IQ.

according to a large number of studies, caesarean section does affect children’s intelligence. In fact, this can be well explained by the principle of nature. A chicken can only live if it breaks its own shell. A silkworm can only become a butterfly if it breaks its own cocoon. So can a child.

during cesarean section, the doctor will inject oxytocin, as long as it is hormone, it will have a certain impact on people, not to mention such a small child, it will directly affect the development of the child’s brain.

the healthy growth of a child is the expectation of all parents, so when a child is still in his mother’s stomach, we should always pay attention to his growth.

parents are always full of expectations for the unborn child, and they have prepared the baby’s small room and clothes before the child is born. In October of pregnancy, parents’ world is gradually filled with children, and they worry about their children’s growth every day. I hope all the children can grow up healthily, lovely and high IQ as their parents wish! After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so