How to identify early heart failure? Summing up these six points, many people are still unclear

According to the latest epidemiological survey data of heart failure in China, there are about 13.7 million patients with heart failure in China, which has increased by 44% in the past 15 years, and the age of patients increases with age. Heart failure is defined as the heart’s pumping function is not good, so that each tissue perfusion blood less, so it causes a series of symptoms, and even shock. When the symptoms of heart failure are found, we should improve them in a reasonable way and actively treat them to prevent some terrible consequences.

first, if the acute left heart failure is unrecognized, because acute left heart failure is very shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, dying of death, and coughing up pink foam sputum and other urgent situations. That is to say, in the presence of such symptoms, even if the patients are not aware of acute left heart failure, they will go to the hospital for medical treatment, because if they are not in time, It could be life-threatening. As chronic heart failure has a slow and obscure process, it is not easy to be detected, especially for some patients with strong endurance, such as some men with good tolerance, it is not easy to detect heart failure. < p > < p > therefore, when you feel that your exercise tolerance is reduced, for example, if you go up one or two floors without asthma, but now you have this feeling, and if you have poor exercise tolerance, you will easily have asthma or even cough, or fatigue of unknown reasons. In addition to the digestive tract diseases, sometimes it is necessary to suspect that it may be caused by early right heart failure. Cough and recurrent cough are easily misdiagnosed, especially when sleeping on their back. Sputum is also relatively thin. To distinguish from those thick ones, it is necessary to suspect whether it is left heart failure. In other aspects, there are some more obscure symptoms. For example, some people feel that they are easy to get tired in the afternoon, evening or evening, or on weekends, or on Fridays. After working hard for a day or a week, they will appear. In fact, these may also be early manifestations of heart failure. In addition, some people feel that the air is not enough after sleeping in the middle of the night, so they have to get up to the window to absorb some fresh air, thinking that the indoor air is suffocating. In fact, these may also be manifestations of early heart failure. < / P > < p > generally speaking, there are still many manifestations. In the final analysis, if you feel something wrong recently, but you don’t know what causes it, you need to keep an eye on it, doubt whether heart failure is closing in, and go to the hospital in time. Skip to content