How to improve the pump feel? Six suggestions for enhancing muscle pumping sensation

Many fitness enthusiasts like to pursue the sense of pump during training. The sense of pump is like the body being blown up. The feeling of muscle gradually expanding will make people feel wonderful. The feeling of pumping produced by training can stimulate the release of endorphins and enkephalins, and make people feel happy, so that we are more willing to put into hard training. Sometimes, the more we practice, the more excited we are, just like we are not tired at all.

the so-called pump feeling is that when the target muscle is training with considerable strength, a large amount of blood will flow to the target muscle. At this time, the muscle will have the feeling of expansion, which is called pump feeling. “Pump feeling” is a sign to measure whether bodybuilding training is effective or not.

according to Dr. Fred Hartfield, a “squat doctor,” a large influx of blood into the muscles stimulates more or less proprioceptive receptors. Training and the resulting pump sensation produce a series of hormonal responses, including the release of endorphins and enkephalins, which are natural painkillers

Arnold Schwarzenegger also said: “he can’t imagine what it would be like if he left the gym without getting the” pump feeling “. Maybe he would go crazy!”

the feeling of pump is so wonderful. If you lack the feeling of pump in training, your training effect may be greatly reduced. How can you enhance the feeling of pump? Here are six suggestions to enhance your sense of pump.

the aerobic exercise here is not a 5-minute fast warm-up exercise, but a 30 minute continuous aerobic exercise, because aerobic exercise will also consume glycogen, and glycogen is the main energy supply in the early stage of aerobic exercise. Besides, putting strength training before aerobic exercise will greatly improve the efficiency of reducing fat.

strength training is powered by anaerobic digestion of sugar. This process will produce lactic acid, which will make your muscles feel sore after training. Proper aerobic exercise will speed up the metabolism of lactic acid in the liver, excrete lactic acid, and make muscles recover faster. So, at the beginning of training, you need to focus on the weight you’re lifting, add weight to it, and then do aerobic exercise, or do aerobic exercise alone at another time.

people who keep fit drink a lot of water every day. Whether they increase muscle or reduce fat, they need water. If you don’t know how much water you drink in a day, fill up a 1-2-liter water bottle in advance, drink a small amount of water several times, and drink slowly at all times of the day.

the Institute of medicine of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the daily water intake of the general population should be about 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women, and that of the people who exercise should be a little more.

doctors at Mayo Clinic warned that in addition to the daily drinking water, the “water” here should also include the water sources obtained from cucumber, tomato and other vegetables and fruits. In other words, if you eat fruit after a normal diet, the real direct drinking water should be lower than the above recommended standard.

if you don’t drink enough water in your body before exercise, it will have a great impact on exercise. If you drink enough water before training, you will be much better.

it’s better to have a meal 90-120 minutes before exercise, so that the food has been digested almost before exercise. Before and after exercise, eat more protein and carbon water.

what we need most in our diet is carbohydrates. The only way to store glucose in muscles is to eat enough carbohydrates. Muscles need energy to function. If the intake of carbohydrates is insufficient, the muscle will not have enough glucose, and it is impossible to get sufficient “pumping sensation”.

30 minutes before exercise, you can also add some fast carbon and sodium, such as Himalayan powder salt. You will feel different. Salt will greatly improve the feeling of the pump. Try it, you will know that your feeling of the pump will be much better, your performance will be improved, and your strength in the gym will be greatly improved.

when you lift weights, if your mental connection is not strong, your muscle training effect may be much worse, and you may not be able to experience the swelling feeling of muscle congestion, that is, the pumping feeling.

when doing strength training, some people use too much weight, which causes other parts of the body to borrow force, and ignore the most important peak contraction of the target in muscle exercise. Their nerves and muscles can’t control this weight to do peak contraction for 1-2 seconds, so your training pump feeling is very weak, and the training effect will be poor.

during training, if the attention is not enough and the ability of nerve to collect muscle is not enough, it is difficult to use more muscle fibers for contraction. Pumping sensation is realized by maintaining muscle tension and reducing muscle relaxation. When training muscles, it’s also training nerves. If the nerve muscle connection is good, the pumping feeling will be stronger.

modern people, many people are busy with their work, and they are always unable to put down their work and other things to do, so they are prone to insomnia or lack of sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re not as good at the gym as you are when you get enough sleep.

under normal circumstances, everyone needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. If they don’t get enough sleep, they will not feel very well and feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes when they wake up, they are very swollen and your mental outlook is not as good as when they get enough sleep.

pump sensation is to keep blood flowing into muscles and make them expand, that is, to increase the time of muscle tension as much as possible, which can be achieved by many different means. For example: multi group number, multiple number, super group, triple group and so on.

Schwarzenegger believed that “multi group counting, multiple counting” is to stimulate the target muscle from different angles. Such training can bring him incredible “pumping feeling”, and his muscles are also growing crazily. Keep tight enough time, 8-15 times is the most favorable for muscle growth, at the same time is the number of pump feeling.

in order to maintain the continuous tension of muscles, it is sometimes necessary to avoid the whole movement. Usually, the whole movement of the limbs will stretch the muscles and make the pump feeling disappear. Sometimes do not do the whole exercise, but in the middle part of the muscle has been in a high degree of tension.

shorten the rest time between groups. In such a high frequency situation, you should choose a lighter weight, so you don’t have to worry about reducing the training intensity, and your muscles will grow better. Finally, we can try to reduce the number of groups or pyramid. As the weight is decreasing, keep on exerting. When exhausted from the initial weight, you can reduce the weight. If the method is appropriate, your muscles will be super cracked.

practice a group of movements to exhaustion, which can force the body to collect more muscle fibers. When our body is tired, it is difficult to complete a full range of repetitive movements, but we can continue to do partial repetitive movements. This kind of training method is to let the muscle surpass the degree of temporary exhaustion, so as to achieve complete exhaustion, and exhaustion often makes you feel full.

to sum up, the above six suggestions are conducive to enhancing your pump feeling. If you don’t feel the pump during training, it may be because your body doesn’t get enough sleep and rest, or fatigue caused by excessive training, or insufficient nutrition in your diet. These factors will affect the pump sense. Take these 6 suggestions, you will feel full in training. 08/16/2020