How to judge the degree of injury?

First of all, from the medical point of view, the first point is to see the shape of the foot, not to see whether the foot can move. For a normal foot, the tip of the foot should face forward. After the sprain of the foot, first of all, whether the toe is in advance, because after many people sprained, the toe is facing outward!

secondly, we should observe the skin color. If the skin at the sprain turns red and purple quickly, it means that there is bleeding inside. If you look at the swelling degree, you can compare the two sides. If the swelling on one side is larger, it means that it is serious. At this time, you can move a little to see how far you can move.

after these judgments, if your feet are not particularly swollen within half an hour, you can still move and support your body with one foot. In this way, you don’t need to go to the hospital. If your feet become more and more swollen, painful and afraid to move within half an hour, you must go to the hospital for examination and further treatment according to the doctor’s judgment! 08/16/2020