How to keep healthy and prevent diseases? Zhang Wenhong summed up 10 “health treasures”

Someone said to huazi, you always tell us how to treat a disease, why not say more about how to prevent the occurrence of disease? In fact, huazi once said this topic, but most people’s psychology is “do not see the coffin, do not cry”, never want to prevent disease when not ill. Only when you fall ill do you want to see a doctor.

when huazi accompanied his son to watch 2020, he saw Zhang Wenhong, the “doctor of online popularity”, and presented 10 “health treasures” for common health problems of children. The words of this “health treasure book” are all good words, which can not only meet the needs of children, but also protect the health of adults. Huazi today with this “health treasure book”, said how we want to have the future health.

when dealing with a respiratory disease, the best way to protect yourself is isolation. A standard mask is the way to keep yourself away from outside danger. Moreover, masks are not just self-protection. They can also isolate people who may carry dangerous pathogens and form “isolated islands”.

a reduction in the total number of infections will allow medical resources to be pooled for those who are ill. So the sick people wear masks to help others and help themselves at the same time.

from the perspective of hygiene and epidemic prevention, hand washing is even more important than wearing masks. Human hands contact with the outside world the most, but also for their own risk. Many pathogens of infectious diseases, it is difficult to break through the human skin defense, but after polluting human hands, it is easy to enter the human body through hand to mouth, nose, eyes and other places. Therefore, careful cleaning of hands is the most important part of disease prevention.

some people have done experiments. When people sneeze, the huge pressure of the gas in the respiratory tract will spray the droplets to a place 8 meters away. If he has an infectious disease, he can easily infect others. If you block your mouth with a paper towel or elbow, you can avoid spraying droplets to a larger area. Pathogens blocked by paper towels or clothes will lose their activity quickly when exposed to the air and sunlight.

in Chinese food culture, it is customary for many people to sit around a table for dinner. Everyone’s chopsticks in the process of vegetables, easy to cause pollution to dishes. For example, Helicobacter pylori, which is closely related to gastric cancer, has an infection rate of more than 70% in the Chinese population. The main reason is the mutual infection on the dining table. In order to avoid this kind of situation, when many people have a meal, it is necessary to develop the habit of using public chopsticks and spoon.

animals in nature carry many pathogens and parasites, which may be “symbiotic” for animals, but may cause disease for humans. So don’t touch animals other than domestic pets. If you touch an unknown animal or other dirty things, you must wash your hands in time to avoid touching other parts of your body and causing pollution.

Chinese traditional breakfast is mainly made of congee, noodles and other carbohydrates. But the human body has a large amount of activity in the morning, so breakfast needs enough heat to support normal work and study. Therefore, breakfast is suitable to eat more protein rich fish, meat, eggs and milk and other food. If we divide the whole food into 10 portions, 5 portions for breakfast, 3 portions for lunch, and 2 portions for dinner are more reasonable for healthy diet distribution.

the eye is an important and delicate organ of the human body. Not only the eyes of teenagers need to be protected, but also the eyes of adults. Retinal artery is very thin, in staring at books, mobile phone screen for too long, it may cause retinal artery spasm, resulting in insufficient blood supply, blurred vision. Severe cases can cause vascular edema, exudation, and even cause the optic membrane to fall off. So it’s very important to look out into the distance and rest your eyes in time.

the most effective way to keep healthy in the world is to exercise. Many chronic diseases, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, which can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, are mainly caused by lack of exercise and overweight. However, Chinese people are generally over nourished, and there are more and more obese people, so “keep your mouth open and open your legs” is always the most effective way to keep healthy.

sleep is a health problem that is easy to be ignored. Staying up late and lack of sleep are common diseases of modern people. Lack of sleep, not only will make their mental dispirited, but also cause physiological disorders, reduce immunity, induce abnormal glucose and lipid metabolism and hypertension. Therefore, early to bed and early to get up, so that they sleep a sweet good sleep, is to maintain their own immunity normal basis.

the last “treasure” is the true meaning of life. No matter study or work, all the achievements can’t offset their health. Health is “1”, and achievement is only “0” behind. When the healthy “1” falls, no matter how many zeros there are, they will become meaningless. So we can’t just look at the immediate interests, overdraft their future health. We should take a long-term view in order to better embrace the future.

as long as we do these 10 “health treasures”, we will make the disease far away from ourselves. It’s not difficult to keep healthy and prevent diseases. The most difficult thing is to stick to it and not give up. I hope more people can learn healthy methods from the “health treasure book”, and strive to embrace future health for themselves and their families. I am a pharmacist, welcome to pay attention to me and share more health knowledge. CUISINE&HEALTH