How to lose leg fat? Stick to the 3 ways to eliminate the elephant legs!

Some bad habits in life will lead to increased body fat, especially with the habit of long-term sedentary, fat is particularly easy to store in the stomach and thighs, forming a small belly and elephant legs. < / P > < p > small belly can also be covered by clothes, but elephant legs are different, especially in hot summer, even wearing thick jeans will show. Therefore, girls are particularly afraid that they have elephant legs, because it will directly affect the body beauty. < / P > < p > therefore, for girls, having a pair of slender long legs is their pursuit of figure. But in fact, most girls don’t have long legs, they have elephant legs. Let’s talk about the two main causes of elephant legs in detail as follows: < / P > < p > usually, people don’t control their diet and eat anything indiscriminately, which leads to excessive calorie intake. The body’s calories will accumulate and gradually turn into fat, leading to obesity. < / P > < p > nowadays, many people lack exercise and have the habit of sitting for a long time. Will lead to food consumption in the body, thus hoarding in the body, gradually forming fat. Long term sitting will lead to fat accumulation in the lower limbs, legs gradually become elephant legs. < / P > < p > long term sedentary can accelerate the speed of leg thickening, not only that, but also affect the health of the body, and bring certain damage to the joints and lumbar spine. And long-term sedentary will also lead to the reduction of intestinal peristalsis, the body’s metabolic capacity will also decline, leading to the body heat consumption, causing obesity, will also bring “three high” problem. < / P > < p > therefore, if we want to lose elephant legs, the first thing we need to do is to get rid of the habit of long-term sedentary and do more exercise. Even if we can’t avoid sitting for a long time, we can get up every hour. Can do 10 minutes of stretching exercise, or walk around, so as to promote lower limb blood circulation, improve heat consumption, can also prevent joint lumbar disease. < / P > < p > fat comes from the mouth. Only when we learn to control our diet and get rid of the habit of eating disorderly, can we reduce our caloric intake, create a caloric gap and make your body thin. Diet control is not a diet, we need to ensure that the daily intake of calories to meet the metabolic needs, in order to maintain the metabolic level. < / P > < p > in order to improve the body’s heat consumption, it is necessary to join the exercise. Because the fat reduction is systemic, so you can’t simply do leg exercise, but do aerobic exercise and brush the whole body fat, so as to promote the efficiency of fat burning and make the body thin. < / P > < p > when our body fat rate gradually decreases, we can join strength training to achieve the effect of reducing fat and shaping. When we practice our legs, we will also exercise our hips, so we can make our legs thinner and create a more perfect hip. < / P > < p > here are 6 actions that can effectively burn fat and thin legs. If you insist on it more than 4 times a week, it can effectively reduce fat and shape, and help you eliminate elephant legs! Each action lasted for 20 seconds, and there were 4 groups of cycles. Focus