How to lose small belly? Three effective ways to reduce waist circumference, let you thin down!

Obesity is a problem for many people. In modern society, life is convenient, transportation is developed, and takeout industry is rising. We can enjoy all kinds of delicious food at home. < / P > < p > however, excess heat will lead to obesity, which will induce hundreds of obesity diseases, reduce their own immunity, reduce their physical fitness, and accelerate the pace of human aging. < / P > < p > and our waistline size reflects the health of the body. If the waistline of boys is more than 90cm and that of girls is more than 85CM, it means that your visceral fat exceeds the standard, and your body fat rate has seriously exceeded the standard. < / P > < p > for healthy people, the waist circumference is generally below 80cm, and for girls, it is below 75cm. Only when the waist circumference is controlled at the standard level, can you reduce the occurrence of diseases and maintain the standard figure. < / P > < p > at ordinary times, you should do more exercise, don’t be sedentary, don’t live at home, take more outdoor activities, and take more walks after meals. You can do aerobic exercise or iron rolling training in your spare time in the evening. If you insist on 1 hour fitness exercise every day, your calorie consumption will be about 500 calories more than that of others. After a month, your calorie consumption will be 15000 more, which is equivalent to nearly 2 kg of fat. As the body fat rate drops, your body will gradually lose weight and your small belly will gradually improve. < / P > < p > exercise needs to be done step by step. Don’t start with high-intensity training, so you can’t stick to it, and it’s easier to give up. We can start from walking, slowly improve the training intensity, jogging, aerobics, rope skipping, swimming and other training, and gradually improve the physical quality. < / P > < p > fitness exercise can exercise cardiopulmonary function, promote cell metabolism, improve immunity and reduce the occurrence of diseases. We don’t take fitness as a task, you should take fitness as a habit of life, to enjoy it, to feel the joy of sports. < / P > < p > if we want to get rid of small belly, we need to give up all kinds of fried food, high sugar food, hobbies of fried chicken, cake, French fries, bad habits of drinking and drinking, keep a light diet, eat less takeout, stay away from restaurants, insist on cooking by ourselves, and reduce the body burden. < / P > < p > control the daily caloric range, and do not exceed the total caloric consumption of the body. Usually eat more natural and healthy fruits and vegetables, reduce the intake of fine staple food, appropriate to eat a little coarse food can prolong the sense of satiety, promote intestinal peristalsis, inhibit the accumulation of fat, help to improve the belly. < / P > < p > with the growth of age, our body muscles will gradually lose, which means that the body’s metabolic level will decline, and our body is easy to get fat. To reduce the risk of obesity, we need to do more resistance training, improve their muscle mass, so that the body to maintain a strong metabolism, fat is not easy to accumulate. < / P > < p > people who don’t go to the gym can continue self weight training at home, such as a group of push ups and squats every day, which can also effectively prevent muscle loss. However, in order to build a more compact body line, you need to carry out weight-bearing training, increase the intensity of training, and the muscles can grow stronger. Focus