How to make the cat no longer timid and more confident

The cat at home doesn’t like to contact people, so they hide when they see people! These are all signs of a cat’s lack of confidence. Moreover, in the long run, cats will suffer from depression, because the owners should pay attention to these cats, and must cultivate them to regain self-confidence. They have been paying attention to their psychological development since childhood.

it is a long-term and gradual process to train cats to build confidence. In the growth process of a cat, it is best to train it to have self-confidence from an early age.

first, let the cat further understand the world around it, so that it can judge and believe in the people and things around it. Don’t stop it from exploring the new world around it.

second, the breeder should often take the cat out in his spare time, contact with any different things, and increase his knowledge. But when you go out for the first time, just turn around in front of the door. Don’t take it to see too many people, let alone see the doctor. That will make the cat connect the tension and panic on the way with the cat cage and produce resistance.

third, don’t force the cat to face strangers quickly at home. But breeders can try to bring cats out to meet strangers. When the owner hugs, the action should be gentle, and should constantly caress and pacify the cat’s mood. At the same time, guests also need to keep quiet, not to have large or noisy movements and sounds, so as not to frighten the pet cat.

fourth, when the cat can gradually stay with people a little longer, the breeder can reward it with delicious food. Let the pet cat feel the sense of achievement and establish the confidence in front of strangers.

fifthly, the most important thing is to strengthen the psychological quality of cats. In daily life, the breeder can often interact with the cat to play games. This kind of interactive game will quickly bring the relationship between strangers and cats closer, and maybe soon they will become friends, thus training the cat’s self-confidence in front of strangers.