How to mobilize the Queen’s oviposition enthusiasm in autumn breeding, beekeepers, these three moves, very effective

How to mobilize the oviposition enthusiasm of the queen bee in the colony? First of all, we need to judge through the observation outside the box and the open box inspection. The oviposition enthusiasm of the queen bee in the colony will be affected by the external honey source and powder source. The observation outside the box shows that the worker bees actively collect pollen and return to the nest. At the same time, open the box to check the hive spleen. There are more fresh pollen stored on the hive spleen, which can be used for bee colony feeding Most of the “larvae”, the colony will gradually start a work, cleaning the nest on the spleen of the hive, to provide space for the queen to lay eggs. < p > < p > in the process of reproduction and development of bee colony, the larva area on the spleen needs to be fed by worker bees, and the worker bees need to collect more pollen and honey. If the external weather changes and the worker bees can’t get out of the nest in rainy weather, the honey storage and pollen consumption in the colony will be too fast, which will lead to the shortage of pollen and honey. The colony will take the feeding to reduce the consumption of feeding new bees It is expected that the worker bees will pull the pupae and larva out of the hive, and the sub circle on the spleen of the hive will be reduced. In this case, it is not that the Queen’s oviposition ability is not poor, but the lack of powder and honey in the colony. Therefore, feeding and managing the colony is an important step to improve the Queen’s oviposition enthusiasm. < p > < p > in the colony, the ability of laying eggs of queen bees decreases. For example, the quality of new queens is not high due to the replacement of new queens in the process of artificial breeding. After laying eggs for several months, that is, when autumn breeding begins in autumn, the queen will produce drone eggs, or the Queen’s ability to control bees is insufficient. In these cases, bee keeping will occur People can carry out artificial breeding in autumn and harvest a batch of new queens and replace inferior old ones with the help of the end period of flowing honey in autumn, which is conducive to the breeding of bees in the next spring. At the same time, when the amount of eggs laid by the queen gradually increased, the number of larvae on the spleen increased. In the larval stage, the fermented pollen mass was fed to the bee colony to provide sufficient feed for the worker bee, At the same time, after the second generation spleen is sealed, the bee colony can expand the nest by adding spleen to expand the Queen’s spawning area, so that the colony can feed the full spleen. Focus