How to prevent minors from indulging in Internet

Recently, Ms. Shen has some worries: her son, who is in the second grade of primary school, keeps brushing short videos with his mobile phone, and is addicted to some popular mobile online games. Parents can’t help him. < / P > < p > data shows that in 2019, the scale of China’s minor Internet users will reach 175 million. According to the statistics, as of June this year, the average daily use time of China’s network audio-visual users is as long as 110 minutes. It is more and more common for minors to indulge in short video, live broadcast and online games. < p > < p > this year’s 18-year-old Haodi was once addicted to a popular mobile game in high school. “Even though I was nervous in high school, as long as I had time, I couldn’t help turning on my mobile phone and playing two games.” < / P > < p > previously, some game platforms have launched a “growth Guardian platform”, in which parents can help their children apply for minors’ accounts and associate their own accounts with them. In April this year, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission issued a report saying that “youth mode” of some live broadcasting platforms was in vain, including problems such as easy extension of service time by inputting passwords and failure to launch compulsory real name authentication. According to Ruan Guozhong, the relevant social responsibilities of enterprises are clearly defined. “Platform enterprises should abide by the provisions of laws and regulations in the content pool, do a good job in the audit of content and services, and make efforts from the content design, operation rules and other aspects to substantially improve the technical means and measures of network anti addiction.” PARRENT&CHILDREN