How to quickly practice the vest line? Today I’ll tell you, just learn these four movements

Introduction: summer is coming, more and more people show their good figure and show their abdominal muscles and waistcoat line. Do you envy them if they want to practice vest line? But I don’t know where to start. Today, let me tell you these four movements. I believe that after a summer of practice every day, you will also have the same style of vest line and the good figure that everyone envies!

sit ups are very familiar to all of us. From childhood to adulthood, we all do sit ups, but the effect of this action can not be underestimated. First of all, we lie on the ground, then bend our knees, and put our feet on the ground. We need another person to help us fix our feet. Our hands are behind our heads, and we can also put them on our ears Side, and then let the abdominal force, make a sit up action.

when doing this action, we may lift our waist first, and then sit up. This is not correct, because it will use inertia to lift our body up, which will greatly reduce the effect of exercise. We should not covet to do the action fast, but we must make the action standard and standard.

I believe you are also familiar with this movement. First of all, this action can be completed at home. It requires very few environmental conditions, even in bed. First of all, we need to sit on the ground, sit straight with the upper body and tilt back slightly, then lift up both feet, leave the ground, support the weight of the body only with the buttocks, and then hold one with both hands Spherical objects, or a barbell, to maintain body balance, and then rely on the abdominal muscles to rotate the body, at the same time, the arm also rotates with the rotation of the body. When doing this action, make sure that the body rotation, as large as possible, but pay attention to that, do not sprain the waist, to do the standard action.

I believe everyone is familiar with the movement of flat support. As an Internet celebrity sport, this action once set off a clock out craze on the Internet, but the results of this movement can not be underestimated. First of all, the basic posture is that we should support the body with our arms and toes to keep the body in a straight line. The problem we are prone to in this action is to collapse the waist The two movements will cause lumbar joint damage, but also make the action more difficult. The time for this action is also the exercise effect. The key is to increase the exercise effect slowly and often. On the first day, we can persist for half a minute. At the same time, we must have enough rest time to recover the original physical strength and then carry out the next exercise Refining.

we are all familiar with the action of open and close jump. First of all, this action requires the cooperation of our hands and feet. In the basic posture, we stand with our feet apart, about shoulder width or wider. Then we hold our hands flat on our sides and palm up. Then we jump up again. At the same time, we touch our feet together and clap our hands on the top of our heads. Then we jump back to the original action, which requires hands and feet There are more cooperation. First of all, the hands and feet must be closed and separated at the same time. In addition, the breathing should also be coordinated with the action. When jumping up, inhale and exhale during landing. This will make the body balance effectively, and it is not easy to have other problems such as bifurcation and shortness of breath.

conclusion: the practice of abdominal muscles is not always successful overnight. We must practice more. In fact, many actions in life need to be completed by abdominal muscles. Even some actions can be exercised in bed. We can take ten minutes before going to bed to complete some simple basic actions. I believe that after a holiday, your abdominal muscles will be obvious results! Focus