How to reduce body fat rate from 25% to 15% as soon as possible? There are two stages, different eating and practicing methods

Normal body fat rates range from 15% to 18% in adult men. The basic law of exercise weight loss is “fast before and slow after” and “the lower the more difficult”, that is, < / P > < p > fast before and slow after. At the beginning of weight loss, the body fat rate decreased rapidly, especially from the excessive state to 18% to 20%, the speed of weight loss was relatively fast. < / P > < p > the lower the difficulty. With the deepening of exercise weight loss, the lower the body fat rate, the more difficult the further decline. So, from 18% to 15%, the body fat rate goes back and forth, and you feel slow. < / P > < p > as a novice to lose weight through exercise, they will be in the “novice welfare stage” in the first 1 to 3 months, that is, as long as enough exercise is put in, the weight loss effect will be very significant, and the diet control does not need to be particularly strict. < / P > < p > participate in aerobic exercise 3-5 times a week, for example, 4 times. It can be arranged as follows: Aerobics on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and playing basketball on Saturday. The length of each exercise is 40 to 60 minutes, and playing on weekends can be extended to 90 minutes. < / P > < p > someone asked, is running OK? Considering that the initial weight is relatively large and the impact of running on lower limb joints is greater, it is not recommended to run at the beginning. < p > < p > the Aerobics in the gym will be more abundant. Take aerobic exercise 4 times a week as an example. It can be arranged as follows: Monday and Friday motor bike courses; on Wednesday and Saturday, exercise on independent aerobic equipment. < p > < p > the training quality and weight loss effect of the m-bike course provided by the gym are far better than that of aerobic exercise because of the on-site guidance and guidance of coaches and the training of many people. There are many equipments in the aerobic exercise area of large and medium-sized gymnasiums, such as treadmill, elliptical machine, climbing machine, rowing machine, treadmill, etc. exercisers can choose from them. No matter where you exercise, the intensity of aerobic exercise doesn’t need to be much. You can keep it at 100 to 140 jumps per minute, or you can talk to others in short sentences during exercise. < / P > < p > because of the blessing of “novice welfare period phenomenon”, in the first 1-3 months, novice diet reference to the following practices, basically enough: < / P > < p > eat less greasy, fried, high sweet food; eat less snacks, including cakes, too sweet fruit, drinks, etc.; lunch and dinner 78% full is enough; dinner appropriately reduce the amount of carbon water; after 9:00 p.m Do not eat at night. < p > < p > for middle-aged men aged 30 to 50, if they can carry out the above plan well, they can reduce the body fat rate to near the upper limit of the normal value, about 18% to 20% in about half a year. This is just an experience for reference. < p > < p > when the body fat rate of adult male is 15%, the line of abdominal muscle begins to appear. Although from 18% to 15%, the difference of body fat rate is only 3%, but the difficulty is much higher than the previous stage. < / P > < p > in order to ensure better fat reduction effect, aerobic exercise and strength training can be separated and trained separately. For example, 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercise in the morning and “strength training + aerobic exercise” in the afternoon. In this way, some training days may reach “two exercises a day”, and more than four times a week. However, it is impossible for novices to meet the above requirements at the beginning. It’s best to follow the fitness coach and experienced fitness partner to practice together and start slowly. < / P > < p > if at this stage, or continue the diet control method of stage 1, then at most can only ensure that the current body fat will not rise again, but basically will not help to further reduce body fat. < / P > < p > at this stage, exercisers need to control their diet more strictly and adopt a specific and feasible diet. Whether it is low calorie diet, low-carbon diet, low-fat diet, circulation diet and so on, any kind of diet as long as it can be seriously implemented, can achieve the purpose of effective fat reduction. < / P > < p > among them, low-carbon diet and low calorie diet can reduce weight faster in the initial stage, and anxious friends can try it. However, these two dietary methods also have certain risks, which should be implemented under the guidance of experienced nutritionists or fitness coaches. < p > < p > for example, the operation of the low calorie diet method has one to two meals in three meals a day, which is replaced by nutrition instead of meal bag. This kind of nutrition substitute package can provide sufficient and balanced nutrition with less calories. The total calorie intake of a day should be controlled between 1200 and 1500 kcal. An adult’s normal daily calorie demand is about 2000 to 2500 kcal. If he takes part in physical labor or physical exercise, the demand is higher. As a result, the “heat deficit” will be very large. Low calorie diet is only recommended for 1 to 3 months, not for a long time. < / P > < p > in addition, there is no way to eat once and for all. In the implementation of a certain diet for a period of time, if the effect of weight loss began to stagnate, it is necessary to consider changing the diet. There is also no absolute standard for < / P > < p >. To be sure, it will take longer than the first phase. And repeated a lot, for example, occasionally the body fat rate dropped to 15%, and then quickly rose, and then decreased to 16%, and then rose again and again. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore