How to remove the corner wrinkles? Domestic medicinal eye cream to help you, nourishing and brightening, good effect is not expensive

A lot of young girls are young, should be the best time of skin condition, but why the canthus, now or there will be a lot of small fine lines? Today, I’m going to give you some popular science. Why do you have dry lines around your eyes, and How can dry grain remove!

the cornea epidermis was dried and thinned, and the collagen and elastic fibers of dermis were not enough to make up for it, and the mesh support was lost. The skin loses its elasticity and is no longer restored after being squeezed, resulting in drooping skin and wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. The texture of

eye cream is thicker, some of them are emulsion like, some are moisturizing cream, which can improve wrinkles relatively. Dry moisturizing eye cream can be used more dry than wrinkles.

this Caviar Eye Cream is used by Wu Xin. It can provide lasting moisture and moisture around the eyes, help lift and tighten the skin, enhance the elasticity of the skin, and effectively help to lighten the fine lines and eliminate the dark circles under the eyes.

the cream on the hand is milky white, which is very good to push away, and there is no greasy feeling after it is pushed away. The texture is fresh and moist, and the skin absorbs quickly after opening the massage head. After the eye cream is completely absorbed, there is no sticky feeling at all. It’s a small one. It’s very convenient to carry it out!

Hanji liushengdi eye cream Let your eyes go back to 18 years old. In the past, Xiaobian’s eyes were in a bad condition. Now they are very dry, with slight fine lines and dark circles. Since Amway’s hexapeptide eye cream, the melanin and fine lines in the eyes have obviously faded. Choose hexapeptide, which is fast to absorb, fresh and not greasy, and slowly moisten aging and blackened skin. Every time you use it, you will feel white and lose, and continue to use one Month, eye skin can be several degrees white, hateful panda eyes, fine lines, I want to tell you bye bye!

Jingwei materia medica is the representative of medicinal makeup. Its origin is rarely known. It is jointly developed by military medical dermatologists from 301 General Hospital of PLA, 307 Affiliated Hospital of military medical dermatology and General Hospital of air force. All of them are Chinese herbal formulas, and can be used for pregnant women with sensitive skin. 08/16/2020