How to replenish water scientifically in dog days

With the arrival of the dog days, the human body loses a lot of water, so the demand for water is particularly much. It is said that more water should be added in the dog days. Then, how can we scientifically replenish water? Next, economic daily – China economic network health channel for your summary.

in summer, many people will choose to drink ice water. In fact, it is not healthy. Ice water is not good for gastrointestinal function. Drinking warm boiled water is more beneficial because it helps the body to absorb and use it, and it also helps gastrointestinal digestion.

thirst is a signal from the central nervous system to replenish water when the body’s water is out of balance and cells are dehydrated to a certain extent. Drinking water only when thirsty is not good for health. Only by replenishing water in a planned way can the body not be short of water.

in summer, we should drink 2000-2500 ml of water a day, while manual workers and athletes should drink more water. However, it is better to drink a small amount of water several times, 300 ml each time and no more than 500 ml at most.

in the past night, the body consumes more water. Drinking water in the morning can not only supplement the water lost due to metabolism, wash the emptied stomach and intestines, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is particularly important for the elderly. Because, drinking water in the morning, water will be quickly absorbed into the blood by the intestinal mucosa, which can effectively increase blood solubility, dilute blood, reduce blood viscosity, and promote blood circulation.

drinks and fruit juices contain a large amount of sugar, which can affect children’s appetite and digestive function, and can easily lead to tooth decay and even diabetes; pigments and preservatives in drinks can also damage children’s brain. Even if you use fruit juice for your child’s drink without sugar, you can’t completely replace drinking boiled water, because fruits also contain sugar.

a lot of sweating will lead to the loss of salt and minerals in the body. The lost salts and minerals must be replenished to meet the normal needs of the human body. Therefore, people with a large amount of exercise can drink some sports drinks to help people supplement the salt and minerals needed by the body in the process of sweating.