How to run at your best? The three points are all practiced by the great gods

Running is a well-known national sport, many people are happy to run, and hope to achieve their goal of losing weight or improving physical fitness through running. However, as an endurance oriented leading project, running is also divided into fast running, jogging, intermittent running and other different branches. So how to run to reflect the best level of running? < / P > < p > there are a lot of runners who have a good training and can often run more than 5km or even 10km. It can be said that they are outstanding runners and have some experience in running. How to improve the level of running may be a key topic for every runner. < / P > < p > for ordinary running enthusiasts, they don’t need to change their running level deliberately. They just need to insist on systematic training, punch in every week, pay attention to the improvement of aerobic endurance and cardiopulmonary function, so that their core ability and leg strength become stronger. Then the running level will gradually improve with the exercise ability, which is a relatively long-term process For most runners. For the rhythm of running, everyone has different pace and different running method. Although the running rhythm needs some talent, the acquired rhythm sense is also inseparable. For most runners, the sense of running rhythm is mainly the cultivation of self-control ability. In other words, in the process of running, you need to carry out systematic training according to your prepared pace plan in advance. You can’t run at random. < / P > < p > exercise ability is the embodiment of running level and running rhythm. If you have good running ability, you can usually run more easily and freely, and at the same time, you can run longer. Every professional athlete can have the best running ability, and their technique and rhythm grasp are in place. It can be said that if athletes train with 100% intensity, their running level, rhythm and pace will reach the extreme. This is a high standard that ordinary people can’t complete. However, if athletes take 80% of the strength to run, although they will try their best, their physical reserve is relatively sufficient and running is more relaxed. At this time, the running level and rhythm can be greatly improved. Do you like to run fast or jog? Welcome to comment. 08/16/2020