How to shoot “video film”? Learn these five skills, you can easily “see a doctor” at home

b. If there is no obvious gap in the four corners, the X-ray film can be judged by the letter “L” or “R” on the film. L on the right and R on the left is the correct way to place. Generally, there is only one l and r.

A. taking the computer monitor / TV as the background, shooting with camera or mobile phone: the computer monitor / TV has a bright white background, and the size should be able to hold the whole film and shoot directly from the front.

A. after CT / MRI is completed in some large hospitals, in addition to the original image and examination report, they will also give a CD, which includes all the images taken by the patients during the examination.

B. when shooting with the window glass as the background, it is necessary to choose a sunny day. The small series simulation shooting catches up with cloudy and rainy days, which affects the shooting effect; taking the display as the background, it is not affected by the weather.

D. when shooting, the camera must be switched to “macro mode” and the flash lamp must be turned off. If there is a tripod, fix it with a tripod to avoid shaking; if not, place your elbow on the table to prevent shaking. In short, the hand can’t shake, and the fuzzy film will seriously affect the consultation effect.

it is recommended to use the display as the background for CT / MRI. The size of the display has no effect on the split shooting. This kind of shooting has fewer disadvantages, and is closest to the effect of a special “light box”=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>08/16/2020