How to sleep well in late pregnancy? Side sleep is the best, pregnant mother is comfortable, and the fetus is also enjoying happiness

When I was pregnant with my sister, I used to lie on my left side. But sometimes on the left side for a while, I feel kicked, and the little guy is in the stomach, and it doesn’t stop for a moment.

after five months, the baby will move in the mother’s stomach, stretch his arms, turn over, and spit bubbles to play. Sleeping on the right side of a pregnant mother can cause the uterus to rotate right, but this does not affect the mother’s health and can be restored after childbirth. As the baby grows up, the uterus will move to the right side, and sleep on the right side will increase the probability of umbilical cord around the neck. If the umbilical cord around the neck occurs, it will not be able to give birth naturally.

oxygen follows the action of breathing into the lungs. In the lungs, hemoglobin carries oxygen through the blood vessels and is transported to all parts of the body. Sleeping on the left side can avoid overwhelming the main vein of the uterus, so as not to affect the circulation of abdominal blood. Sufficient blood can provide sufficient oxygen for the baby to ensure the growth needs of the baby.

after eating, there will be a lot of food in the stomach, and the weight will increase. The pregnant mother needs to supplement nutrition through diet to meet the needs of the pregnant mother and the baby. Sleeping on the left side will make the stomach more comfortable and facilitate digestion of food.

when sleeping on the left side, the left leg is bent and the abdomen is close to the bed, which will make it more comfortable. Pregnant mothers with often swollen legs can cushion pillows and pillows under their legs. Putting the legs up can promote blood circulation and reduce fatigue.

the supine position can make the body close to the bed, which is a very comfortable position. With the increase of months, the pregnant mother can no longer sleep on her back. Supine sleep, not only pressure on the aorta behind the uterus, so that uterine blood supply is blocked, easy to lead to malnutrition, directly affect the development of the fetus.

supine sleep can lead to the symptoms of chest tightness, dizziness and low blood pressure of pregnant mother. The health of pregnant mother will directly affect the fetus. If the pregnant mother has chest tightness, the fetus will also have insufficient oxygen supply and even asphyxia. Supine is not conducive to pregnant mother’s body excretion of harmful substances, easy to lead to urinary tract infection.

some pregnant women have special conditions, and doctors will suggest sleeping on the right side. However, for healthy pregnant women, lying on the right side will not only aggravate the degree of right rotation of the uterus, but also affect the blood supply of the fetus, resulting in chronic ischemia and hypoxia of the fetus. Therefore, the pregnant mother still rarely sleeps to the right side.

after a day’s work, she just wants to lie down on the bed when she comes home, but the pregnant mother can’t sleep on her stomach, which will pressure the baby in her abdomen and cause her baby to lack oxygen. Moreover, people will affect the respiratory function of the lung when they sleep on their stomach, which is not conducive to the exchange of gas. Lying on the bed or sleeping on the desk in the office will affect the normal breathing, and prone to aggravate the lower limb edema of pregnant mothers.

left lying is not suitable for all pregnant women. Pregnant women have heart discomfort, left rotation of uterus, and transverse fetal position. In these cases, pregnant mothers are better to sleep on the right side. You can consult a professional doctor and listen to the doctor’s advice to adopt a proper sleeping position. Pregnant mother left side sleep will appear discomfort, or the baby moves frequently, should adjust the posture. The mother of multiple births should often adjust her posture. Keeping one posture for a long time is not good for the development of multiple births. The pregnant mother can’t sleep well. The frequent fetal movement is the baby’s reminder to her: I’m not comfortable. My mother should move.

we usually sleep in a comfortable way. We also have pregnant mothers lying down and sleeping on their side. When they fall asleep, they move randomly. In fact, we only need to avoid the strange posture of lying down and bending legs. Doctors suggest that the best left side sleep, pregnant mother does not like to sleep on the left side, can change direction, pay attention to fetal movement, as long as the baby is healthy, pregnant mother can sleep well.

at the late stage of pregnancy, due to the hormone secretion in the body, it will have a great impact on the mood of the pregnant mother. The pregnant mother often has irritability, insomnia and dreaminess. This is a normal situation. Usually, the pregnant mother goes to outdoor sports to keep her body and mind comfortable, which can be improved. Sleeping posture, but also pay attention to the following two points.

sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon and a sharp weapon to eliminate fatigue and ensure health. There will be pregnant mother because of taking care of the baby, leading to their own can not sleep well, in fact, pregnant mother can sleep well, the baby can also follow the enjoyment!

pregnant mothers should ensure comfort and sleep. If their lying posture is not comfortable, they can put more pillows or buy pregnant women’s pillows. Although the third trimester of pregnancy is only three months, the health of pregnant mother and baby can not be ignored. Only when the mother feels comfortable and can have a good rest can the baby have a better development environment. So, no matter which side you sleep, as long as you can sleep well.

normal and obvious fetal movement will have three to five times in one hour, but the fetus is different. As long as the fetal movement has rhythm and little change, it indicates that the baby’s development is very normal.

fetal movement will increase gradually in the third trimester of pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, fetal movement will be more than 20 times a day. At night, when the mother goes to bed, there is sudden fetal movement, that is, the baby is uncomfortable, the baby also feels restless and restless, the number of fetal movements is more, the mother should seek medical treatment in time, any situation in late pregnancy can not be ignored.

tips: because of the enlargement of the uterus, pregnant mothers often feel tired and uncomfortable sleeping. Usually, pregnant mothers should try to keep a relaxed mood. Before going to bed, they can drink a cup of hot milk to help them sleep, or soak their feet, so as to relax their tense emotions, and promote blood circulation, so as to achieve the effect of sleep aid.

in short, the mother in the third trimester should sleep on her side. As for the direction, you can consult a doctor and sleep in the way you like. Pay attention to the baby’s reaction, regular fetal movement is the signal that the baby feels comfortable and normal development. If there is irregular fetal movement, the baby is not comfortable. The mother will adjust the posture! 2