How to supplement calcium? Ten yuan a day, you don’t need to eat calcium tablets. You can also get calcium when you are full

Calcium, is a topic of concern to the public, many people also have a variety of calcium products. Now, the second child has been released, after the baby is born, parents can put the baby’s calcium supplement into their daily diet. < / P > < p > calcium is an important part of bones. Calcium supplementation for children can make bones grow a little higher, and their height after adulthood can also be in a leading position among peers. For the middle-aged and elderly people, calcium supplement can not be ignored. < / P > < p > by the age of 30, the calcium content of human body reaches the peak, and the calcium loss rate will be accelerated in the following days. Supplement calcium, also become urgent. Calcium deficiency will increase the risk of osteoporosis. When you fall down carelessly, you are prone to fracture. Even if you sneeze or bend down to pick up a bucket of peanut oil, you may have a fracture. < p > < p > adequate calcium intake every day is the key factor to ensure bone mineral density. Adequate calcium also plays a positive role in controlling blood pressure and maintaining a healthy weight. < p > < p > the daily requirement of calcium for adults is 800 mg. Although calcium tablets can play a role in calcium supplement, the nutrients contained in calcium tablets are relatively simple. Calcium supplement can not all rely on calcium tablets, and dietary calcium supplementation is more practical. In our daily diet, some foods are small experts in calcium supplement.

dried bean curd is one of bean products, and also the essence of bean products. Compared with tofu, the content of nutrients in dried tofu is higher. Eat a few pieces of dried tofu every day, can also play the role of calcium. Two pieces of dried tofu, about 50g in size, contain 223 mg of calcium, equivalent to the calcium content in a box of 205 ml milk. < p > < p > rape is a common green leaf vegetable. Don’t underestimate this rape. The calcium content of 100g rape is as high as 153 mg. Green leafy vegetables are also a good source of calcium, but when you eat green leafy vegetables, you should pay attention to the oxalic acid in green leafy vegetables, which need to be boiled before eating. < / P > < p > for hairtail, few people associate hairtail with calcium. In fact, the content of calcium in hairtail is not low, 100 grams of hairtail contains more than 400 mg of calcium. The content of calcium in hairtail is comparable to that of calcium slice, and hairtail is more delicious than calcium slice, and there are more kinds of nutrients. < p > < p > milk is the best source of calcium food, and the calcium contained in milk is more easily absorbed by the human body. 100 ml of milk contains about 100 mg of calcium, a catty of milk every day, you can supplement nearly two-thirds of the calcium for the body. Yoghurt, can let lactose intolerant person avoid appear lactose intolerance symptom, just want to choose sugar free yoghurt only. < / P > < p > these four kinds of food can completely meet the human body’s demand for calcium. Do not need to eat calcium tablets, can also easily complete the calcium supplement work. When we eat enough calcium, there is more protection for bone health. Diseases are often caused by carelessness. And reasonable diet collocation is the premise of health. CUISINE&HEALTH