How Yilian starts the new retail consumption war of Meiye!

Not for the sake of customers, but from the perspective of customers. This sentence of minwen Suzuki, founder of 711, expresses the core meaning of retail. < p > < p > on August 21, at the relet brand investment promotion conference, General Manager Gao Chunming, deputy general manager Xie Rui, financial director Xin Lishi, executive general manager Wang Binjie and executive director Han Lei of elite new retail jointly launched the consumption war of Yilian in Meiye new retail! < / P > < p > from the first glass urine Since the launch of acid skin care products, Yilian, who has specialized in hyaluronic acid skin care for 37 years, has been in the top 10 of tmall’s domestic beauty live broadcast list. Under the leadership of Founder Ling peixue, Yilian has been providing fertile soil for the brand growth with scientific research actions. < p > < p > founded in 2003, Yilian focused on hyaluronic acid skin care with the ingenuity of “for better skin care products for Chinese people”. From the first facial cleanser on the market to Yilian polyglutamic acid aqua skin lotion, Yilian has already made some achievements in the field of hyaluronic acid skin care. From 2008 to 2016, Yilian completed the research and development and upgrading of five generations of hyaluronic acid skin care, covering five major functions: water replenishing, water locking, anti wrinkle, repair and barrier. It has achieved more than 100 research results and more than 70 invention patents in the new application field of hyaluronic acid. Its silylated hyaluronic acid has reached a higher international level. < p > < p > in the Internet era, in the new retail concept has been proposed for three years, Yilian also ushered in the new retail trend of Meiye. A seed in 2003, after 17 years of trials and tribulations, Yilian has opened the road of brand yueqian in 2020. The start of the new retail of Yilian is bound to bring about the innovation and bloom of Yilian brand again! < / P > < p > the era makes heroes. Similarly, the new trend of American industry in the tide of the Internet is bound to give birth to new opportunities. Today, in the era of consumers taking the initiative – the post-95 and Post-00’s, they are known as “awakened consumers”. They have become the main consumption force of new retail. If Yilian wants to enter the skin care field of these “Internet original people”, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and embrace the new opportunities of beauty industry, it is particularly necessary! < / P > < p > at the same time, Yilian is also keenly aware that the light medical beauty mode of “medical beauty in daily life, life beauty in medicine” has become an irresistible beauty trend in the current beauty market. Therefore, in the face of new opportunities of the new retail business in the US, Yi lotus actively embraced the changes and created a new retail strategy brand that is suitable for the company, aiming at transforming the traditional beauty industry and rebuilding the new civilization of the US industry by using Internet plus, big data and artificial intelligence. < / P > < p > pure e-commerce is dead, new retail has come, and the change will be beyond our imagination. Ma Yun has been talking about the concept of “new retail” for three years. New retail is an Internet transformation based on the advantages of traditional retail such as experience, timeliness and service. It is precisely because of the recognition of this nature of new retail, Yilian, who has specialized in hyaluronic acid skin care for 37 years, has been carefully observing the changes of consumers’ demands. Under the beauty salon of < p >, a new trend of beauty care and high cost-effective beauty care is emerging, and the young consumers can’t get a new market of beauty care and safety. Yilian, which started from the technology of skin care, has been gradually realizing the vision of the first brand of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, opening a new retail model is the only choice for Yilian to expand its market and embrace consumers. As a result, as a new retail strategic brand of Freida, rellet smart beauty came into being.

in the new retail era of consumer upgrading, consumer awareness and consumer sovereignty, RELLET plus smart Internet uses Internet plus big data and AI to build smart skin for smart people, smart stores and smart marketing. < p > < p > holding the vision of the new retail battlefield of Meiye, the investment promotion conference of freeda Yilian new retail – relet plus Zhimei brand successfully ended with a good result of 20 successful signing partners on site! In the future, Yilian is also looking forward to working with more people from the United States to take advantage of the new consumption trend and take advantage of the sail of new retail to realize the complete industrial upgrading! < A href= target=_ blank>Focus