HPV infected women, menstruation has three “tips”, one does not account for, congratulations on uterine health

Generally speaking, the female students’ physical health can be seen in the menstrual period of each month. Normal menstruation is usually very regular, and the blood volume is normal. If there are some changes in the menstrual period, most of them are the “precursor” of the disease, especially the infection with HPV, and there will be some signals in menstrual period, which leads to abnormal menstrual period. For the delay or advance of menstrual period, many people will worry about whether they will be infected with some gynecologic inflammation, especially infection bacteria and viruses, and may cause diseases. The best way is to go to the hospital to check whether they have been infected with HPV, especially the delay of the period. The amount of the treatment is large. It is necessary to do a screening to confirm that they are Whether there is any possibility of cervical lesions. The normal women will not have bleeding again in more than 20 days after the end of the menstrual period, because the menstrual period is a manifestation of normal necrosis and shedding of endometrium, but bleeding is obviously abnormal in non menstrual period, which is often a signal of some diseases and diseases. Once it appears, it should be checked in time. This can occur in postmenopausal women, but normally, there will be no more so-called “backtide” after menopause. If the menstrual period is over, there will be a return tide. Sometimes, in case of a small amount of 1-2 days and a lot of abdominal pain, it is necessary to note that this may be the possibility of some malignant lesions, especially cervical cancer caused by persistent infection with HPV. For this, it is necessary to note that this may be the possibility of some malignant lesions, especially cervical cancer caused by persistent infection with HPV The signals must be timely haircut and paid attention to. The most important reason for cervical lesions is infection If we want to prevent cervical deterioration and pathological changes, we must go to the hospital to screen in time. Once we find infection, we should improve our immunity and eliminate it by the immune system. The main way to improve immunity can be to choose the middle diet, and make nutrition balance in diet, not to pick up food, to eat more vegetables and fruits, and at the same time, we can also get rid of it It can help to activate immune cell activity and promote T-lymphocyte proliferation. It can help HPV to turn Yin quickly and prevent pathological changes. Nowadays, many people will have a lot of excuses to mend and refuse to exercise. Although they are tired, they should keep on exercising every day for our health. As long as they spend 30 minutes doing aerobic exercise, they can sweat and expel poison, which can help to turn Yin. If you have the habit of staying up late at ordinary times, your immunity will not be better. So try not to stay up late, so you can get a full rest. It is helpful to improve immunity. As long as you raise the sleep quality, it is not far from turning Yin. Fresh vegetables and fruits can supplement human body with a lot of vitamins and dietary fibers, so in daily life, these can not be less, especially for people with poor immunity, they should take more vegetables and fruits, so that we can be healthier if we turn into Yin faster! 08/16/2020